Hurricane Beryl

Hurricane Beryl Barrels Through Caribbean

Heeding the lessons of previous monstrous storms, Jamaican officials aren’t testing fate with Hurricane Beryl. In a preemptive move to raise alertness, the country’s Prime Minister declared the island a disaster area before the storm landed. An island curfew is now in place, with capsizing nine-foot storm surges forecasted to swamp the island’s southern shore.…

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civil war

Are We Headed for Another Civil War?

America is splintering into diametrically opposed factions. Radicals on both sides of the polarizing political spectrum continue to sling barbs and diatribes toward one another with little prospect of reconciliation. Unfounded claims of a stolen election beat the slow drum of war on the far right while left-leaning zealots believe democracy itself is under attack…

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Tornado Shelters Are Becoming More Popular

Where would your family seek cover during a tornado? While more than 1,200 tornadoes touchdown annually in the United States, millions of residents don’t have adequate storm protection. While advances in meteorology have improved tornado warning response times, the window of opportunity to escape harm is narrow. Without a tornado shelter, most storm-stricken residents resort…

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