This is a touchy topic. Everyone has an opinion on the latest Middle East conflict. “Should we support Israel? What about the innocent civilians stuck in Gaza? Shouldn’t we rescue them?” Unfortunately, there’s no easy answers here. It’s hard not to politicize the bloodshed taking place in southern Israel. We, by no means, claim to be experts on foreign policy or the domestic entanglements eliciting disproportionate responses. Horrendous attacks and acts of violence should never be be politicized. Innocent civilians always shoulder the burden of responsibility. But in recent weeks, we’ve found ourselves drawn into the conversation. In the days following the attack by Hamas, we noticed a sudden and steady uptick in quote requests from fear-stricken customers. Needless to say, these folks are scared and want steel protection. With all the news footage hyping up the conflict to the countless End of Days scenarios, worried Americans will continue to look for answers, as well as a safety net of their own. We don’t blame them. Existential anxiety is almost worse than any attack or threat itself. Everyone deserves comfort during trying times. There’s no place for fear-mongering in our society. We all have enough to worry about. Let U.S. Safe Room give you peace of mind.

How Worried Should You Be About Hamas?

The tension in the Israel Gaza situation is palpable. Israel hasn’t minced words about the future of Hamas: they must be destroyed before returning to the status quo. More than 1,200 innocent Israelis were callously murdered in broad daylight by attacking fighters that descended on Israeli settlements through border incursions, tunnel networks, and even by air, with images of dropping paragliders with machine guns still fresh on the minds of the more hawkish members of government. Pundits have even gone as far to liken the attacks to 9/11 as the international rallying call for unwavering Israeli support. With fears of reprisal now stoking the collective psyches of all Americans, interest in steel safe room technology is gaining interest worldwide. Sadly, this is nothing new in our line of work. We witnessed a resurgence in this trend when Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022. It was like the Cuban Missile Crisis all over again. Not a great feeling. Fears of nuclear war returned to the jaded national narrative. It’s also the same story anytime a dangerous tornado whips across the American heartland or Deep South. Fortunately, Hamas doesn’t pose an immediate threat to American citizens. Israel has the terrorist organization cornered and the American intelligence community is adept at interpreting potential chatter from terrorists and snubbing out their dastardly plans before implementation. This doesn’t mean, however, you should let your guard down.

Staying Focused on The Threats at Home Instead of What Happens in Israel and Gaza

You shouldn’t worry about what’s happening in Israel or Gaza too much. At least a this very moment. America remains one of the safest domestic societies overall. (Mass shootings, of course, being a completely different matter entirely). We don’t have much in the way of international terrorists, but America has a threat unlike any other in the world. When it comes to threatening your safety and sanity, tornadoes will always be the real terrorists. Like terrorists, they strike with almost no warning and have zero sympathy for innocent civilians. They leave nothing but destruction in their wake. While they keep close tabs on their favorite targets, no place is immune from their violence. Tornadoes can strike anywhere, anytime of year. Fortunately, advances in steel engineering and metallurgy has allowed U.S. Safe Room to provide a line of steel-welded, wind-tested tornado shelters for every building configuration imaginable. Stay protected. Stay safe. Give us a call for a free quote and consultation. Don’t become another statistic. Call today!