Safe Room

Solid steel Safe Rooms by U.S. Safe Room® are premium storm, tornado, and disaster preparedness products for interior and exterior applications. These structures are perfect for new construction projects, garage interiors, and basements with wide entryways for installation. These survival shelters, constructed of solid 1/4″ plate steel are made in the U.S.A. and made water tight with marine grade welding. Upgrade to our LeakTech Shield© and we’ll apply our patent pending construction process and post construction shield coating to ensure your structure will not leak.

Modular Safe Room

Similar to our solid steel shelters, the Modular Safe Room Bunker by U.S. Safe Room® is a survival shelter which allows you to retrofit any existing space. Reinforce any room in your home or office with our paneled safe room for enhanced security without expensive construction costs. This bolt together structure is perfect for existing homes, closets, offices, or any interior space you choose. Our bunker kits ship flat to your door where you can save more by installing it yourself, or coordinate with our team to have your safe room professionally installed. Every panel is fabricated out of solid 1/4″ plate steel, and they’re manufactured in North Carolina, ready to ship Nation Wide.

Underground Bunker

A fully customizable bunker designed for subterranean installation. The U.S. Safe Room® Underground Bunker is a multi-use survival shelter, storm room, or bug-out shelter all-in-one. These secure structures are designed and engineered by our experienced professional team to meet your needs and your budget. This product can be a small few man storm shelter, up to a multi-unit interconnected underground complex designed for families, friends or even whole communities. Don’t be caught unprepared. Contact us today to learn more about our custom line of steel secure storage and life safety construction.

Storm Shelter

A U.S. Safe Room® Underground Tornado Safe Storm Shelter ensures the confidence to weather any storm. Underground storm shelters and survival bunkers provide superior protection. These fully welded units come with below-ground staircase entry or optional overhead hatch with ladder. For additional security, a secondary escape hatch can be added as an alternate entry point.

Community Safe Room & Tornado Shelters

commercial tornado shelter

U.S. Safe Room® Community Safe Room and Tornado Shelters are ideal for large groups of people, providing protection in a variety of above-ground settings, including construction sites, factories, office complexes, and other businesses. These tornado and storm shelters are also well suited for municipal parks and other community areas where groups of people assemble.

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