Premium Below Ground Storm Shelter

A U.S. Safe Room® Underground Tornado Safe Storm Shelter ensures the confidence to weather any storm. Underground storm shelters and survival bunkers provide superior protection. These fully welded units come with below-ground staircase entry or optional overhead hatch with ladder. For additional security, a secondary escape hatch can be added as an alternate entry point. Contact us today about extending your home below ground for safety, fun, convenience, or all of the above.

Customizable tornado shelters can be built to fit any need, with U.S. Safe Room®.


Our storm shelters and tornado safe rooms are fully customizable, and the floor plans shown here are just one variation of what you can do with your storm room. In truth, you can create anything with your storm safe room, such as a media room or home gym. Even the dimensions of the floor plan are up to you and what fits your lifestyle. However, since the primary function of a storm shelter is to keep you safe, we have designed these floor plans with longevity, economy, and comfort in mind. Feel free to modify yours to fit your needs, though!


Tornado Safe Storm Shelters are not limited to only residential uses. If you own a business or commercial entity and you want to invest in a product that could save the lives of your employees or clients, install an underground Tornado Safe Storm Shelter for maximum protection and utility.

Underground Tornado Safe Storm Shelter Features and Benefits

  • Encased in steel for maximum protection
  • Customizable for any of your needs
  • Peace of mind that you and your family have a fallback option
  • Versatile uses include a home gym, office, or media room
  • Accessibility from the safety of your home
  • Can be prepped for extended periods of stay without sacrificing the quality of life
  • Easy installation by any grading contractor or DIY with Backhoe experience
  • Protection against environmental forces, and even burglary
  • Storage of valuables and other heirlooms

Designed, engineered, and manufactured to FEMA 320, FEMA 361, and ICC 500 Standards. Our storm shelters were tested and certified by Texas Tech National Wind Institute in strict accordance to FEMA 320 (2014), FEMA 361 (2015), and ICC-500 (2014) standards for wind rated impact of 250 mph ground speed tornado events.