pandemic prepping

Pandemic Prepping: How an above-ground safe room or bug out shelter can provide superior protection during societal upheaval

March 2020 feels like a distant memory, but not so long ago the world felt as if it was coming to an abrupt end. As the COVID19 pandemic reached American shores, frayed nerves prevailed. People flocked to local super markets and wholesale suppliers to stockpile on food and copious amounts of toilet paper. Neighbors were…

tornado shelter

A growing threat: south is the new epicenter for deaths from tornadoes. Learn more about our F5 250 MPH Wind Speed Certified tornado shelters

Seismic shifts in weather patterns have shifted the crosshairs of dangerous tornadoes from the Midwest to the southeast. The discovery of this disturbing trend comes on the heels of scientific analysis that indicates most deaths as a result of tornadic activity now occur in the south. So, what does this mean exactly? Mother Nature has…

Cloud Computing Disaster Recovery

What happens after you survive a disaster? How do you build back up from what’s left? The technology of cloud computing is a low cost, reliable way for businesses to have a back-up plan in case of disaster. Depending on the cloud services used, one could have their IT systems up and running in just a few hours.