Tips to Prevent a Home Break-In

Home invasions are incredibly scary, and can leave a family scarred for years to come. There are measures you can take which lower the odds of your home becoming a target for such cruel criminal activity. We provide you with tips, information, and products that can save you and your family’s lives.

Near-Miss Solar Storm Would’ve Cost 2 Trillion

Solar storms aren’t usually on people’s list of things to be scared about. However, in 2012 we were almost hit by a solar storm that would’ve sent us back to the 1800’s technologically speaking. Our current way of life, ruined. Trillions in dollars would be spent in repair. Lives lost from failing electronics and riots. The worst part? There is a 12% chance of this occurring in the next ten years.

FEMA Regulations Prevent Pilger Tornado Shelters

FEMA regulations regarding flood plain insurance may now cost Pilger residents their homes. Since Pilger lies in a flood plain, they are not allowed to have basements, otherwise they must pay costly flood plain insurance fees. Many Pilger residents used their basements as lifesaving tornado shelters during the twin tornado catastrophe, which creates a lose-lose scenario for many home-owners.

Safe Room for Disaster Prepping

Prepping for Disaster Survival

Being prepared and organized is a key component in your survival probability. A safe room not only protects you, but it also protects your valuable items that could save your life. Think: guns, food, water, radio, etc. All items stored safely and securely in one spot and protected with you and your family as well.