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Severe Damaging Winds and Tornados Threatens the South on Thursday February 17 SEVERE WEATHER ALERT – Thursday, February 17: Severe winds, tornados, and large hail threaten the South East in the Tennessee Valley and Alabama regions. Stay alert, be prepared, and follow your local news and weather alerts for shelter warnings. With severe weather watch…


Kentucky Tornado Clean-up Continues With Government Assistance

Putting partisan politics and petty differences aside, state lawmakers green-lighted a robust economic relief package following the Kentucky tornado outbreak. In all, 77 people were killed during the record-breaking line of storms, which leveled entire communities as residents continue clean-up efforts. To infuse a prospect of hope and future prosperity, commonwealth legislation frees up $200…

can you live in a shipping container?

Can You Live in a Shipping Container?

The dream of homeownership is quintessential to the American experience, but lately that dream has been tempered by the realities of a fluctuating market. Rising property values and a scarce market have driven the average price of homes through the roof. Compounded by the housing demands of the coronavirus pandemic and the precipitating urban exodus,…