pay for your storm shelter

A return of a lifetime: Creative ways to pay for your storm shelter

You shouldn’t have to choose between protection and cost-effectiveness. No one should die because they can’t afford to live. Unfortunately, we live in a dystopian society were exorbitant cost-of-living increases have forced a situation of the haves vs. have-nots. With minimum wage remaining stagnant of talks of possible increases stalling, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to…

disaster shelters

Disaster shelters can restore your ‘peace of mind’ in a chaotic world

Knee-jerk reactions are an American pastime. Whenever sensationalism dominates the headlines, Americans panic splurge and hoard to head-off whatever invisible boogeyman perpetrates their thoughts. When COVID seeped into our daily frame of mind, millions of Americans hoarded countless roles of toilet paper. Did they even know what COVID would do to them? Hacking of the…