Need a place to stay on vacation without crashing with annoying in-laws? Airbnb removes the hassle of pricey hotel stays with a home-away-from-home feeling. Getting cozy without the crowd shouldn’t come at a premium. Instead of dishing out thousands for an upscale condo or cabin, vacationers can get first-class treatment and homeowners can create passive income by opening up their homes to guests. Why fuss with annoying check-ins and intrusive room cleaning from hotel staff with more comfortable options just a click away? Having a place to stay on vacation constitutes the biggest part of your budget. Saving money on an Airbnb allows you to spend hard-earned cash on dinners and outings that make the perfect photo ops to add to the family album. But Airbnb hosts might reap the most benefits. Letting out rooms and rental properties yields a larger return on investment. But before you list your available property on the site, your little humble abode needs a little sprucing up. Adding a safe room to your Airbnb property gives potential guests an extra incentive to check-in with you in a competitive short-term rental market.

It’s Time for a Airbnb Home Makeover

Remember growing up your mom always made you tidy up before guests come over? The same is true for your short-term rental property. Airbnb features thousands of pristine homes for guests to choose from. To really make your home standout, you need to do a little tidying up. Adding new furniture and a fresh coat of paint gives any rental home enhanced definition online. But new decor will only get you so far. Short of a complete renovation, any prospective Airbnb needs amenities that you can’t find anywhere else. Part of the charm of the Airbnb industry is maximizing existing floorplans with creative upgrades that won’t have you rushing to the bank for a second mortgage. Tranquility is the name of the game with off the beaten path vacation stays. Many Airbnb hosts beat out competitors by enhancing the same home features that got them to sign the dotted line in the first place. Those with a nature bent boasts about the calming brook that runs beneath the window or the seclusion of their Airbnb unit to lure harried guests looking for a break from the fast-paced 9 to 5. Having your own pool on vacation is another great option. What does your home have that others don’t?

Safety Over Room Service


Safety will always be top priority for guests on vacation. Many “affordable” hotel chains can be found in crime-riddled areas that quickly negate cost incentives. Your guests need to know they’re well-protected, out of harm’s way, during their stay. Adding a panelized safe room kit to your Airbnb can get your property to the top of the listings. Even the most expensive hotel suites can’t offer the same protection of a solid steel weld safe room. While the chance of a home invasion or burglary might be statistically low in your neighborhood, the chance for severe weather is not. Tornadoes continue to touchdown in areas that have never seen climatic cyclones. No one is completely immune from the risks of storms. What’s more, most vacation hot spots will always be in the Deep South, where Tornado Alley now calls home. Any existing room or office can be easily retrofitted in a panelized safe room without disturbing existing infrastructure. Going the extra step in protecting guests also reduces your liability as an Airbnb host should disaster strike. Contact us today for a free quote for any panelized kit or aboveground storm shelter. Your guests will thank you, and so will your bank account.