clear field with storm brewing

When Tornadoes Strike Without Warning

Just yesterday morning, three twisters struck Northern Texas. The residents did not receive an alert of the tornadoes arrival. Homes were destroyed by tornadoes, and multiple people were injured and hospitalized. The tornadoes came early in the morning, before most were even awake. The storms came through Johnson County, and caused extensive property damage. This…

tree reflecting the sky in the ground

Above Ground Tornado Shelters

When preparing for disaster, it’s important to ask all the questions. Number one, which safe room is right for me? There’s a common misconception that the best option is an underground bunker. It’s true that being underground creates many natural barriers between the safe room and danger. However, above ground tornado shelters are extremely safe…

Many roads were blocked after the storm.

Our Area Was Hit With a Severe Storm

We always attempt to explain to our customers that just because tornadoes don’t frequently hit your area, it doesn’t mean that they won’t eventually. The county just down the mountain from our headquarters was recently hit by a severe storm, knocking out power to around twenty-two thousand customers of Duke Power. The schools were closed…