Don’t settle for inferior protection from third-party and untested tornado shelters or storm bunkers

When it comes to safeguarding your family and loved ones, you should never settle for second-rate protection. With more than 40 years of metal fabrication experience, we’ve seen countless imitators come and go. And trust us, there are plenty of wannabes in the storm shelter game. Unfortunately, the industry is filled with shady salesmen looking…


Has your child’s school invested in a community safe room or tornado shelter yet?

Our children are our most important asset. We would do anything to protect them from potential threats. Unlike previous generations who enjoyed relative comfort under rapid economic expansion and stability, today’ youth are facing unprecedented danger. And that list of threats is only growing. New and disturbing incursions into our schoolhouses are setting the standard…

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A growing threat: south is the new epicenter for deaths from tornadoes. Learn more about our F5 250 MPH Wind Speed Certified tornado shelters

Seismic shifts in weather patterns have shifted the crosshairs of dangerous tornadoes from the Midwest to the southeast. The discovery of this disturbing trend comes on the heels of scientific analysis that indicates most deaths as a result of tornadic activity now occur in the south. So, what does this mean exactly? Mother Nature has…