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A growing threat: south is the new epicenter for deaths from tornadoes. Learn more about our F5 250 MPH Wind Speed Certified tornado shelters

Seismic shifts in weather patterns have shifted the crosshairs of dangerous tornadoes from the Midwest to the southeast. The discovery of this disturbing trend comes on the heels of scientific analysis that indicates most deaths as a result of tornadic activity now occur in the south. So, what does this mean exactly? Mother Nature has…

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Labor Day tornado uproots Ohio town. FEMA tornado shelter grant could help save your family

Severe weather doesn’t take a holiday. While the residents of Delaware, Ohio began to unwind for a quiet Labor Day weekend, a meandering tornado began uprooting trees and causing general chaos in the All-American town. With the glowing embers from abandoned barbecues setting an eerie backdrop, the storm shattered the tranquil night, flinging patio furniture…

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Now is the time to invest in steel protection from U.S. Safe Room. Learn more about our storm and tornado shelters.

We live in a state of flux. Recurring fears of nightmarish scenarios seem to fill the airwaves almost daily. Fear mongering has become a staple of nightly news broadcasts that also inundate our social media fears with the latest calamity. Finding tranquility in such malaise is only temporary before we are bombarded with the latest…


Hurricane Laura batters Gulf states with unprecedented strength; FEMA and ICC-500 Certified storm rooms could protect residents from future storms

As Hurricane Laura continues to churn through the nation’s beleaguered heartland, a wide swath destruction has epitomized how truly catastrophic the residual effects of a hurricane can be. Unprecedented winds of 150 miles per hour shattered windows in high rise towers, injuring several onlookers below before bellowing the landscape with such intensity that rendered several…