Police line do not cross caution tape

Orlando Mass Shooting

Orlando Mass Shooting On Sunday, June12th, 2016, around 2am, the start of the largest mass shooting in our country’s history began. Omar Mateen entered the Pulse nightclub early Sunday morning wielding a pistol and AR-15. He began to open fire, killing innocent people. The shooting lasted almost three hours. The death toll reached 50, including…


Safe Room Wedding Gifts

The Perfect Wedding Gift Typical wedding gifts usually consist of household appliances, decorations, and fine china. However, some new developing families in the Midwest are looking for something a little different. South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and parts of Texas make up an area known as Tornado Alley. These areas are the most prone to…


Intruder Alert!

“Intruder Alert” “Intruder alert!” is a phrase that has been said on countless home security commercials but it is a phrase you never what to hear inside your own home. Especially while you are enjoying quality time with your family. Did you know that about 3 million burglaries happen every year? U.S. Safe Rooms not…

Flooded area where cars are parked, due to a hurricane.

Car Flooding

With a combination of torrential rains, extreme winds, flying debris, and tidal surges, hurricanes can do a lot of damage not only to you, but your property as well. Hurricanes can cause widespread damage to coastal communities and bring flooding hundreds of miles inland. When thinking of a hurricane, people often think about the immediate…

An american flag stands above a destroyed homestead, storm shelters save lives.

How do Tornadoes Form?

For the amount of tornadoes that hit the United States every year, scientists still know very little about how they form and die out. The largest tornadoes are formed from a supercell thunderstorm. A supercell thunderstorm needs the same ingredients as a regular thunderstorm which includes warm moist air near the ground and then cold…