multi-vortex tornado

Rare Pennsylvanian Tornado Underlines Importance of Safe Room Kit and Above-ground Tornado Shelters

Pennsylvania is known as a cornerstone of American Democracy. The Quaker State is the birthplace of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Gettysburg Address. It’s also the Chocolate Capital of the USA as it’s home to the world known Hershey Corporation. With its gentle rolling hills positioned alongside the formidable Appalachian Mountain chain,…

pay for your storm shelter

A return of a lifetime: Creative ways to pay for your storm shelter

You shouldn’t have to choose between protection and cost-effectiveness. No one should die because they can’t afford to live. Unfortunately, we live in a dystopian society were exorbitant cost-of-living increases have forced a situation of the haves vs. have-nots. With minimum wage remaining stagnant of talks of possible increases stalling, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to…