Thinking about remodeling your home? Every year, millions of Americans unfurl their toolbelts and head to the closest hardware store to learn the ins and outs of home improvement. Home renovation is part of the American spirit. We are a DIY nation. Why shell out thousands of dollars to a nitpicking contractor when you can easily slap a fresh coat of paint on those lifeless, barren walls or add a little pizazz to a humdrum back bedroom? But there’s a reason they say we should leave it to the pros when it comes to sprucing up your humble abode. Even routine painting or flooring requires a certain finesse and spatial intelligence in bringing harmony to interior décor. An otherwise steady hand with a paintbrush can leave behind an unsightly run, completely tarnishing the intended modern appeal. Home renovations can be messy, too. Our homes are teaming with clutter. Before you can restore life to an outdated home, you need to remove all the junk and appliances that make everyday living convenient. And unlike an experienced contractor, you must live with the disorganization until the work is done. U.S. Safe Room can guide you through the headaches of extensive renovation while fortifying your home for years to come.

Home Remodeling Gives You a Blank Slate to Beef Up Protection

Everyone is guilty of buyer’s remorse, but not in the way that you think. There’s always something we wish we would’ve done differently after the final nail is driven into a sturdy foundation. The same is true for existing homes quickly scooped up off the market. Your new home is missing a key element, but what is it? Maybe you need more room or want to just adjust your floor plan, but not sure where to begin? Home remodeling is also the perfect time to add a lifetime of quality steel protection while increasing your home’s value. Our panelized safe rooms can protect your family for decades to come without disturbing the more tame creature comforts of suburbia. By strategically taking advantage of a less-than-optimal floor plan, our experienced building advisors can pick the perfect location for a panelized steel safe room. Advances in steel engineering have completely opened up the confines of rigid construction. Steel is more malleable than you think. Our panelized kits aren’t the same industrial steel beams that would impale even the sturdiest built homes. Relying on the intrinsic superior strength of steel, our panelized safe rooms can be easily retrofitted into any existing home or office.

Panelized Safe Rooms Can Add Value to Your Home

above ground safe room or underground bunker

With housing prices skyrocketing, everyone is looking to add a little value to their home without knocking down any walls. Safe rooms can increase your home’s value by at least 20 percent. Buying a home in today’s market isn’t the same one your parents benefited from when a single paycheck was enough to qualify for any mortgage. You have to be a little bit more savvy or creative when the time comes to close the deal. Existing homeowners looking to explore the open market can feel the sting, too. By competing with homes with heftier price tags, prospective sellers need amenities to stand out amongst potential competitors. Everyone is looking for a sturdy foundation, but what about longevity? Sure, an add-on will give a boost to your asking price, but at what cost? Thousands of dollars in renovation costs might improve your listing by just a few grand. So, what’s the point? Panelized safe rooms will give you that edge while protecting your family should you choose to stay put. Our steel safe rooms can withstand 250 miles per hour wind gusts – a trademark of many killer storms. Often times, storm shelters can be the only structures left standing when a twister decimates a home. Would you want your family to take their chances in the bathroom when solid steel protection is just a click away?