We now find ourselves in a new Cold War. Not since the 1960s has fears of nuclear war felt so palpable. Now is the time to consider what was once unthinkable: the prospect of nuclear war. While the chances of a nuclear attack might feel low, growing tensions in the East could place American cities in the crosshairs of belligerent nations. Sensing a preemptive arms race, American military installations will soon join this marathon of madness by beefing up its atomic arsenals to the tune of billions of dollars. No one can accurately predict nuclear war. All it tames is one miscalculation for the President to enter a preordained code into the nuclear football, which is always by his side. Until cooler heads prevail, you will need to take protective measures to protect your family from a nuclear attack. Radioactive fallout is the silent killer of nuclear attacks. It penetrates everything from the air we breathe to the water you drink and the clothes you wear. A nuclear fallout shelter from U.S. Safe Room can provide long-term protection in the event of an atomic attack.

Growing Tensions

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As the war in Ukraine rages on, the free world turns its attention to other conflicts raging around the globe. With the Israelis primed to wage a war of attrition on the paramilitary organization, Hamas, the chances of American involvement grows. Iranian proxies have vowed vengeance against the West if Washington continue to support our allies in the region amidst growing tensions. Iran has made no secret of its plans to become the latest member of the nuclear club. Conditions could quickly spiral out of control in the Middle East. China and Russia would likely align themselves with Iran and the United States would make good on its promise to protect Israel. With four nuclear capable nations squaring off, the chances of brinksmanship run amuck only grow. We tell you this not to scare you, but so you can take protective measures against humanity’s worst weapon. A nuclear fallout shelter can mitigate your fears while restoring confidence in your ability to take on any threat.

What is Nuclear Fallout?

While the sheer power of a nuclear weapon is terrifying, it’s not the only inherent danger. Nuclear fallout can kill far more people than the initial blast. Invisible to the naked eye, nuclear fallout is the residual radioactive material that is driven into the air following a nuclear blast. Like a precipitous amalgamation of everything toxic imaginable, the nuclear fallout then falls back to the unsuspecting victims, once the shockwaves pass. As the case in Hiroshima, nuclear fallout can fall back to the earth as a black rain in an unnerving end of days scenario. Fallout comes in two dangerous categories. One type of fallout contains cancer-causing material scientists measure in half-life. A half-life is how long it takes for half of potent serum to breakdown or expire. A dose of nuclear fallout is lethal to 50 percent of the population that experience direct exposure. Even exposure to low doses of nuclear fallout can lead to an increased risk of cancer development and other long-term health risks. Exposure to large doses of radiation can lead to death within a few days to a month.

What Should You Do During a Nuclear Radioactive Event?

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In the event of power plant accident or nuclear blast, you should seek cover immediately. Time will always be your best friend in dealing with radioactive material, as they become weaker over time. Once indoors, stay put. Don’t go anywhere. If possible, go to your basement of the middle of a building. Turn off all air conditioners and fans while also closing fireplace dampers. If you find yourself exposed to radioactive material while outside, you should get inside a building immediately. Once inside, shed your outer layer of clothing as this material will contain the most radioactive material on your person. Of course your best chance of survival will come with a nuclear fallout shelter from U.S. Safe Room. Our belowground nuclear fallout shelters can offer protection within 30 miles of a blast. You can easily equip our shelters with air filtration and fresh water hookups and reservoirs. They also have ample room for supplies if you must remain underground for an extended period of time. Contact us today to get a free consultation and quote!