Who has heard of a Tennessee Tornado in December? While extremely rare, tornadoes have become more common in the Volunteer State. In fact, tornadoes can occur anytime of year with an increasing number of these storms touching down in the Deep South. This confirms what meteorologists have long suspected: Tornado Alley is shifting to the southeast. While the science requires closer scrutiny, forecasters believe Climate Change is behind the changing weather patterns. For centuries, most killer storms have taken place in the Midwest. With sprawling open fields and colliding air masses from the Rocky Mountains and Gulf of Mexico forming dangerous storm clouds above, the plains states have been the perfect breeding ground for killer storms. But times have changed. With the Deep South now experiencing tornadic activity like never before, storm chasers will continue to turn their attention east as they try to learn more about how this change is happening at a record pace.

EF3 Tennessee Tornado Underscores Safety Concerns

On Saturday, tornadoes brought mayhem to Clarksville, Madison, Henderson and Gallatin. Along with the six fatalities, more than 80 people were transported to area hospitals. Altogether, emergency person counted 13 tornadoes in the region, not including additional damaging straight-line winds. With the killer winds now beginning to subside, the desolate communities below will try to once again rise from the shambles of destruction. Tennessee tornados will continue to be problematic in middle Tennessee. But it’s not the first time, and certainly won’t be the last. During the 2020 Nashville Tornado Outbreak, a small, but deadly band of tornadoes struck down near Nashville and Mount Juliet. It was the sixth deadliest outbreak in US history. More than 25 people were killed and more than 300 were injured. The 2020 storm was eerily similar to the 1998 east Nashville outbreak. Altogether, this storm system spent a whopping 10 hours unleashing deadly winds and carnage on the towns below! At this current pace, Middle Tennessee could soon outrank central Oklahoma as Tornado City USA.

How To Protect Your Family From Killer Storms

Tennessee Tornado

What makes tornadoes in the Deep South comes down to an issue of timing. Tennessee tornadoes typically strike during the dead of night when most people remain sleeping. This gives unsuspecting residents little time to scramble for safety. Geographical considerations must also be taken into consideration. Unlike the wide open fields of Texas, the Deep South is a tornado’s dreamland. Rolling hills, punctuated with dense tree lines give tornadoes the element of surprise. Storm spotters cannot easily spot twisters under these conditions, giving them little hope of alerting sleeping residents. To even the odds against sneaky storms, storm-weary Tennesseans should invest in a panelized storm shelter from U.S. Safe Room. Our innovative panel kits allow for easy installation in any home, office, closet or guest room. Relying on the advances of steel engineering, our panelized shelters can be easily maneuvered and installed in the tightest of corners. All you need is a few simple hand tools to begin installation. Unlike traditional solid weld shelters, panelized shelters offer the versatility of easy installation in any area of the home. You don’t have to worry disturbing existing foundations or floor plans either. Our panelized kits take advantage of existing interior walls, so there’s no major demolition work. Picking up the phone today could save lives tomorrow!

Above-ground Tornado Shelters

Below ground bunker with closet, table, double bunk beds, cabinet and storage shelving.

Not everyone has the spatial requirements they need for a panel shelter kit. Some customers desire standalone above-ground protection. Our standard stand-alone shelters make for the perfect safety solution against mounting odds. Each above-ground storm shelter receives our standard seal of approval for protecting your family against wind speeds of 250 mph. Comprised of sold 1/4″ steel sheeting, our safe rooms are customizable from a small 4′ x 4′ shelter on up to the community-size variety. Most customers choose to place these shelters outside while some have enough wiggle room to place the safe room in a garage of basement. No one knows when the next disaster might, so it pays to prepare today for whatever tomorrow might bring. Contact us today to receive a free quote.