With storm season blowing across the nation at a record pace, many storm prone residents will seek out trusted relief. And what does the average American do when in doubt? They turn to the Internet to soothe their nerves and relieve anxiety. We live in a time of digital diagnostics. Got a headache or sore throat? Just turn to Google for answers. Why go to the doctor when you can just diagnose your symptoms on WebMD. But there’s always an insidious dark side that comes with digital persuasion. Because “remote medicine” must include every possible scenario that comes with otherwise benign searches, you’ll likely return some less than optimistic results on your latest query. Even exploring the most common symptoms of seasonal allergies could lead you down a rabbit hole that leaves you convinced of that death is just a few clicks away. You immediately become flooded with worst-case scenarios. Searching out guaranteed steel rated protection can also leave you with a feeling of dread as your odds of survival dwindle before you on the computer monitor. But when Googling “tornado shelters for sale,” it’s important to keep a level head and to be on the lookout for swindlers.

Don’t Let Big Box Stores Prey on Your Fears

Adding a Safe Room to Home Construction

Fear mongering is the No. 1 sales tactic of preventative products. Advertisements for storm shelters and tornado bunkers often come with the most dire and worst-case scenarios with each passive scroll. This is all by design. Commercial hawkers pander to customers by appealing to your darkest fears. They want you to believe that certain death awaits you and your family if you don’t buy a tornado shelter. Looking to capitalize on the undue goading, many tornado shelter companies will try to upsell you frivolous features that have no added safety benefit. But the laws of physics and integrity of steel don’t have an upcharge or hidden fees. When it comes to protecting what matters most, nothing will surpass the structural benefits of solid steel welds and quarter-inch steel that can withstand windspeeds of 250 mph. Sure, some creature comforts could calm the bombastic nature of an anxious mind, but how do they improve your chances of survival? With any luck, your home will likely never be damaged or impacted by a tornado. By why take that chance when it comes to protecting your family? Having a secured onsite tornado protection is peace of mind you can’t put a price on. Just make sure you’re not paying more than necessary when it comes to devious marketing pitches.

Arm Yourself With Rationality, Poise and Statistics When Searching for Protection

If you routinely tune into the evening news, you might be led to believe our nation is being destroyed inside out by tornadoes. But this is the phenomenon of selective and biased media. Of course we only hear about the tragic and deadly news. Stories about human decency do little to drive ratings. As you can tell, fear mongering is ubiquitous in nearly every industry. Sales teams know that humans rely on that “gut feeling” when it comes to impulsive buys instead of rely on reason and rationality in determining which products offer the greatest protection. But there is just a slither of truth to the reports of doom and gloom. Tornadic activity is on the rise nationwide. Attribute it to climate change or just a statistical anomaly, but tornadoes continue to impact regions unfamiliar with twisting carnage and capricious battles with Mother Nature. What’s even scarier is that meteorologists now believe that “Tornado Alley” is shifting from the Midwest to the Southeast. The Deep South is especially vulnerable against tornadoes. With the large flattened land of the Midwest providing an optimal vantage point of midday afternoon shenanigans, you can easily spot a tornado before retreating for safety. Thick tree lines and gently rolling hills of the Deep South don’t offer the same luxury. Exacerbating the threat is the fact that most tornadoes in the south touchdown in the dead of night, offering an ominous cloak for sinister storms.

Tornado Shelters For Sale

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We offer a line of above and belowground steel gauge tornado shelters for sale. We even offer financing for qualified customers. While greedy salesmen rely on appealing to your emotions and fear of the unknown, we greet each customer with respect by giving them the real facts, so they can quietly make a decision that’s best for their interests. There’s no high pressure sales tactic when it comes to customized protection. Just check out our online catalog to see which type of shelter might suit your needs. When ready, you can speak directly with a qualified building advisor who will outline which cost-effective options offer the most protection. When it comes to choosing the right tornado shelter at an affordable price, there’s no cookie cutter-solution. One size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we custom-engineer each tornado shelter for every customer from scratch, based on your needs and budget.