Did you know a tornado shelter can increase the value of your home by $1,000 to $2,500? Factoring in the total cost of investment, just by having a safe room on your property instantly recovers about a quarter of your initial investment. Cheaper than basements and property additions, safe rooms are also untaxable floor space that give your more leverage when the time comes for refinancing. Having such life-saving measures in place could also positively impact insurance premiums and add a little bit of hidden curb appeal should you decide to put your home on the market. Versatile by design, tornado shelters can also double as wine cellars, man caves and she sheds, as well as extra storage space and game rooms. Having such life-saving measures in place also lessens the strain on family finances. Should disaster come, you will be well-protected and safe from domestic and natural elements. With such peace of mind, you can divert emergency funds typically used for hospital stays and prolonged absences from work to chiseling away at credit card debt and other monthly expenditures.

The Trickle-Down Effect of Tornado Shelter Value Economics

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For every action, there is a direct cause and effect to all residual variables. Any addition or change to your home’s floor plan completely alters your family’s dynamics. By streamlining your home’s daily operations by alleviating storage concerns and the existential dread of storm season, your family can expel all that negative energy that comes with needless worry of what might be lurking in the horizon. With less mental and physical clutter weighing you down, you can worry about more important matters in your day-to-day life, or simply slow down to enjoy quality time with loved ones and the fruits of your labor. Less stress is great for everyone, and the easing of tensions and anxiety makes the workday go by a little smoother. You can think of a tornado shelter as a type of insurance, as well as assurance. No one can alter the trajectory of storms or the nefarious intentions of hardened criminals, but you can add a layer of steel protection that gives you solid ground to stand on when the ground beneath you begins to shake. Measuring a tornado shelter’s value is more than looking at the dollars and cents of this complex equation. Not everything in life can, or should, be quantified. Sometimes, it’s best to step back and look at the quality of your life and what might enhance the intrinsic value of your safety for decades to come.

How Storm Protection Could Save You Thousands

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Every dilemma or possible worst-case scenario requires a different game plan. What might work for one dire set of circumstances, would wither in the wind of stronger forces. A garage, for example, is an appropriate and proportionate response to UV threats and the occasional severe weather event. While a garage is great for your car and lawn mower, would you give the same level of credence to it for protecting your loved ones or even the family pet? Determining a tornado shelter’s value comes down to a discussion of equality vs equity. Home protection in terms of equality means you give the same amount of protection and allocated resources to combating each potential threat. But as we discussed, not all threats are created equal and might require additional resources to mitigate damage. The equity of home protection recognizes that different circumstances require fluctuating levels of defense. A tornado shelter from U.S. Safe Room is the ultimate equalizer and ensures your family is protected against everyday threats and the ubiquitous dread of modern living.