When it comes to climate and fluctuating weather patterns, North Carolina is a diverse state. While snowstorms rage in the mountains to the west, stifling heat and humidity can engross the Piedmont and coastal plains. North Carolina will even experience the occasional hurricane as the tropics heat up in July. There’s an old prevailing saying about the weather in the Tar Heel state, “If you don’t like the weather here, just wait about five minutes.” The winds of change will always swirl and recede. Like the people who reside in the south’s most progressive state, the weather that frequents the Old Pine State comes in all flavors and accents. But what most people in North Carolina discount most is the very real possibility of tornadoes. More than 30 twisters touchdown in the state every year, and that number will continue to grow. Shifting weather patterns and gently rolling hillsides that can conceal funnel clouds make North Carolina a prime target for tornadoes. North Carolina Tornado Shelters can soothe your frayed nerves by providing lasting protection for generations to come.

Right in The Crosshairs

While the final verdict is still out, meteorologists can agree one on thing: Tornado Alley is shifting. While the Great Plains States to the west is still ground zero for tornadic activity, an alarming number of storms are being reported in the Deep South. Alabama and Tennessee, especially, have witnessed a violent surge in killer storms. Although early indications point to climate change as the chief culprit in the recent shift of storms, geography also plays a debilitating factor in the damage wrought by storms. Most of the south, including North Carolina, is covered with oscillating terrain and heavy tree-lines that can obfuscate storms, especially in the dead of night. Unlike in the Midwest where storm spotters can spot tornadoes for miles to come in the early afternoon, slow moving southeastern cells strike undercover in the intense darkness of night. North Carolina residents remain woefully ill-prepared for tornadoes. Not many people see the growing threat looming on the horizon and routinely forego North Carolina Tornado Shelters’ protection. The results can be disastrous and life-altering for thousands of families.

North Carolina Tornado Shelters Can Protect Even the Far-Flung Regions and Remote Counties

Mississippi Tornado

In North Carolina, no one is immune from the threat of severe weather and tornadoes. Even the Blue Ridge Mountains can experience their fair share of close-calls throughout late spring. While almost every county has reported at least one tornado in recorded history, the piedmont and coastal regions remain the clear favorite for super cell tornadoes. In 2011, the state was part of the Southeastern Tornado Outbreak that was the deadliest tornadic event in the US since the Super Tuesday outbreak of 2008. Hurricanes also account for a surprising number of tornadoes in North Carolina. The tensile-strength tentacle-like arms of hurricanes can easily spawn offshoot onshore tornadoes any time these menacing tropical cyclones come anywhere close to the Carolinas. Regardless of the threat, U.S. Safe Room has you covered with quality lifetime protection. Our panelized tornado shelters are a viable option for cash-conscientious families looking for an added layer of protection against severe storms. This line of shelters can be easily retrofitted into any home or office with minimal disturbance to existing infrastructure.