Abject destruction sits within reach of a madman, who has no checks of balances. For the first time in sixty years, Russia is threatening all out nuclear war. But how did we get here? Isn’t mutually assured destruction of both nuclear superpowers suppose to prevent the very thing we fear? With Russia now decisively losing the war in Ukraine, Putin’s regime will resort to almost anything to preserve power, even if that means obliterating half of Europe. And like Putin said so himself, “What is a world without Russia anyway?” These are likely ravings of a madmen clinging to power, but we should still take them to heart. President Biden recently said we continue to face ‘nuclear Armageddon’ as the bellicose language from western powers steps up. Nuclear annihilation still seems highly unlikely. In a worse case scenario, we should count on Putin on a symbolic nuclear strike rather than a conventional order that could destroy any city in western Europe. Whatever the case, now is the time to consider the pros and merits of a nuclear bomb shelter.

But how close should we be of nuclear war here on the home front of America? Ukraine is a world away and even if Europe gets hot, that doesn’t mean nuclear war in America is a foregone conclusion. The sheer prospect of nuclear war is the prevailing and pervasive facet of globalization. The detonations at Hiroshima and Nagasaki reminded us all that no one is safe from nuclear war. And we know how quickly things can escalate. A few terse words from either side and a slew of ballistic missile could kick off nuclear war between the United States and Russia.

Will Putin Use Nuclear Weapons?

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Putin is waving his nuclear baton like never before. He seems bent on the destruction of Ukraine. If he can’t control his immediate sphere of influence, then he will destroy that country’s ability to defend itself in future wars. How much should we take his fear mongering to heart? Many geopolitical experts think he’s whimpering the last breaths of a dying empire and would never resort to the bomb to save his dying regime. But what appears particular unnerving about Russia’s last czar is the complete lack of checks and balances at the Kremlin. If a western leader decides to use his country’s nuclear arsenal, he still most refer to his leadership’s consortium and generals in the field before making the ultimate decision. With Putin, there’s no one that can stop him from pulling the trigger on a nuclear strike. It’s ultimate his call. Our only hope in that scenario is a rogue general who decides to defy his orders, and save the world.

What Are the Chances of a Nuclear Strike in America?

Russia warheads have remained at major American cities since the Cold War. But fortunately, America and the Russians haven’t come close to exchanging blows since, at least, the 1980s. With tensions rising in Europe, we are seeing a new tension envelop the world. In a final act of desperation, Russia could launch nuclear attacks on the eastern breakaway provinces to turn the tide of war. The fallout would be immense. Even if the madmen of Moscow refrain from directly attacking NATO and the rest of Europe, nuclear radiation from the blasts could still drift and settle in these countries, causing them to invoke a retaliatory response. This of course would necessitate a response from the United States. Our nation’s top commanders wouldn’t resort to nuclear bombs at first. We would likely counter with a conventional strike, like sinking Russia’s Black Sea fleet. Still, these things have a way of quickly getting out of hand. Nuclear war between the United States and Russia could quickly become a reality with little hope for de-escalation.

Could a Nuclear Bomb Shelter Be My Best Hope?

High Security Ballistic Rated Bunker Entry Door.

Nuclear bombs are like any other manmade or natural disaster. Even with a tornado or hurricane, you have a decent chance of survival because those storms have a limited scope of destruction. But the same cannot be said about a nuclear attack. Anything above ground will be flattened and eviscerated from the planet. There will be no one left, including first responders, paramedics and police. If you do somehow survive without a nuclear bomb shelter, who will be left to help you? Everyone will be gone. You will be forced to fend for yourself. Rest assured that no one is coming to save you. That’s why you must take your best interest to heart. A nuclear bomb shelter at least gives you a fighting chance at survival. Radioactive fallout can be just as dangerous as the initial blast, so anything left above ground near the blast radius will remain in harm’s way. A nuclear bomb shelter from U.S. Safe Room gives you the ability to stay belowground for days and weeks at a time so you can ride out the worst stages of a nuclear attack.