Dust off your winter parkas and stock-up on the sidewalk salt, as the upcoming winter could be icy and dicey. After record breaking heat scorched much of the continental US with unprecedented warm weather, the nation could be in for a massive cooldown. According to the newly released Farmers’ Almanac 2022 Winter Forecast, the upcoming winter should be dominated by an active storm track that stretches from from the Gulf of Mexico, across the Carolinas and into New England. That’s a mammoth swath of cold and frigid conditions! The forecast doesn’t bode well for the Deep South either. An active storm front will bring cold rains with a wintry mix of snow, sleet, ice and freezing rain to the region.

Early Winter Prep Could Keep You From Being Left Out in the Cold

Farmers' Almanac 2022 Winter Forecast

Before getting into a more in-depth breakdown of the forecast, let’s take a look at the veracity of the Farmer’s Almanac. Prior to the advent of Doppler radar, many farmers and planters relied on the almanac to guide them during the growing season. Planning crop rotations and harvest takes a deft hand at not only plowing, but knowing the right time to drop seeds into the fertile top soil. If you sow too early, you might reap a deep frost and a lackluster harvest. But if you plant too late in the growing season, and you might be the last harvest load making its way to the farmer’s market a day late and a buck short. But just how accurate is the trusty old timers’ source of forecasting? Many scientific analysis estimate it has a 50 percent success rate while long-term readers who have relied on the trusted source for generations swear by a 80 to 85 percent accuracy. While modern forecasting enjoys countless technological innovations that might long-term forecasting much easier and accurate, it’s hard to argue against a farmer’s intuition. It’s sort of like your grandpa complaining of achy joints as a sign of an approaching thunderstorm. We know better than to argue against the wisdom of sage forebearers! And while you should take the forecast with a grain of salt, you might want to collect every tiny morsel of the stuff if the upcoming forecast has any truth to it!

What About the Rest of the Farmer’s Almanac 2022 Winter Forecast?

Motorists planning on traveling the I-95 corridor into the Great Lakes area can expect frequent snowstorms with record-high accumulations impacting much of the north and Midwest. Lovers of the white stuff in the Plains might be in for a treat, as the almanac predicts frequent snow events across the nation’s heartland. As for the West Coast and Pacific states, those residents can expect a typical winter with no real surprises emerging in the Farmer’s Almanac 2022 Winter Forecast. As we mentioned before, you shouldn’t base any upcoming events or activities on the almanac alone. While the manual for traditional living has rightfully earned its place in the esteemed treasure chest of Americana, you should believe the forecasts with choice credulity and rely on trusted sources of forecasting, such as The Weather Channel or your local news outlet. But what you can trust is the steel protection from a safe room or underground bunker from U.S. Safe Room. During the engineering phase of the design process, we took into consideration a variety of threats in anticipation of Mother Nature’s worse. Our safe rooms and bunkers are versatile enough to accommodate almost any floor plan or room without sacrificing space to safely protect your family, with enough leftover room to store food and supplies for events such as blizzards.

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