No one can say we are headed for another world war, but the latest ominous signs don’t bode well. Russia isn’t slowing down it’s “special military operation” in the Ukraine. Putin’s henchmen continue to shell Ukrainian women and children into oblivion. The world remains helpless. We can do nothing, but watch the chaos. Aside from send some foreign aid and weapons, the war is likely to drag on for years. And you know how the old saying goes, evil prevails when good men do nothing. But what can we do? Direct American involvement will certainly lead to a world war, and possibly a nuclear one at that. For the sake of civilization, the collective world sits on the precipice of defeat. And these are just the threats that we have some control over. What about Mother Nature? The Atlantic is oddly quiet for September. We are long overdue for a mammoth hurricane. Even tornadoes continue to grow in intensity. But what do all these threats have in common? Sure, their level of destruction and the means of death vary, but they share a common theme: protection. That’s right, the safe underground bunker or modular safe room from U.S. Safe Room can protect you from both Mother Nature and acts of man. Knowing how to prepare for a disaster today could save lives tomorrow.

How to Prepare for a Disaster

Preparing for the Worst Could Mitigate Risks of Extreme Damage

US Safe Room Underground Storm Shelter Bunkers offer multi-purpose space for living area, storage, sleeping, eating, working, and a restroom.

No manmade construction can guarantee an escape from harm. If any company promises complete protection from the unknown is lying to you and doing a huge disservice to humanity. Even the toughest vehicles on the road can’t promise an unscathed refuge from a harrowing crash. Why else do these vehicles still come with seatbelts and air bags? The reasoning is simple. They won’t to give you more than just a fighting chance to escape harm if the worst occurs. That’s how we approach designing our steel welded safe rooms and underground bunkers. We can’t promise that our steel panelized storm shelters and panic rooms will guarantee that you survive the tornado or nuclear missile, but the panelized steel sheeting gives you the best chance of riding out any storm. While we can’t 100 percent vouch for how our shelters would perform during a nuclear war (and we hope it never comes to that) we know more than just the precursor walk-throughs of surviving a tornado. We have subjected our tornado shelters to a battery of tests, including throwing solid blocks of wood at them at 250 miles per hour. How did they perform? These structures didn’t even flinch. Truthfully, when it comes to knowing how to prepare for a disaster, the odds are more than just stacked in your favor. After scouring the Internet and official records for hours, we haven’t found a single instance of someone dying during in a tornado in a safe room when it’s used correctly. The only time someone perished during a storm is because they didn’t properly latch their safe room door. And as it turns out, the installed door was an after market product that wasn’t approved by the manufacturer. To be perfectly clear, the shelter wasn’t manufactured or in any any affiliated with U.S. Safe Room. If used correctly, our safe rooms and bomb shelters give you a great chance at riding out any storm or natural disaster.

Knowing How To Prepare For a Disaster Today Could Save Lives Tomorrow

Prevention is always conducive to safety and success. You spend almost every other waking of your life preparing for life’s next event. Before going to bed, each person spends at least 15 minutes laying out their clothes or packing a lunch for the next day of work. The prep work doesn’t end their. With winter approaching, you probably taking steps to secure heating fuel or maybe even snow tires. By no means are these expenses cheap, especially in the age of inflation, but prepping day can save you time tomorrow and could even prevent injury or sickness. With all these life saving measures in place, why would you skimp on protection from the most destructive forces of nature and humanity? While a safe room or panelized shelter is more than just a seasonal expense, it does come at a one-time costs that can save you money and your life for years to come.