Money can’t buy you everything, but for the super rich and wealthy, it can buy you peace of mind. With crime rates nearing epidemic levels, wealthy homeowners in Beverly Hills are dropping small fortunes to protect greater riches. High profile murders and robberies have driven prices for high-security panic rooms to nearly $1 million per unit. The emphasis on the word “room,” probably doesn’t do the sheer scope of the project justice. Many of these luxury safe rooms and security vaults contain more creature comforts than most middle class homes. They aren’t just for friendly confines either, as the prepper craze isn’t just for backwoods conspiracy theorists. One real estate agent recalls managing a client’s estate that had a safe room armed with more ammo and arms than a military bunker. Others came flush with big screen televisions and surround systems and even a full-sized kitchen.

State of the Art Protection Against Brazen Criminals

High-Security Panic Rooms

Devious crooks and burglars are constantly looking for ways to outsmart security systems. From exploiting small security breeches to staging elaborate diversions to gain access to your home, unscrupulous assailants have become experts in the art of the steal. While ultimate protection comes at a premium, multiple layers of security will inevitably thwart even the most determined criminals. Biometric software, as well as finger and retina scans, have become standard protocol for accessing these high-security panic rooms. But perhaps the greatest advantage of these or any safe room is tight lips. Hidden rooms covered by discrete entrances, like panels and bookcases, add the greatest element of protection: secrecy. Locations of these safe rooms are more guarded than PINS to bank accounts and social security numbers, as they should be. Even real estate agents aren’t forbidden from even acknowledging the existence of high-security panic room to potential buyers under the house is under contract.

You Don’t Have to Drop a Small Fortune for Affordable Security Solutions

Luxury panic rooms are mostly superfluous add-ons and hollow comforts for the super rich and wealthy. Like with most things in life, those with means use money to distance themselves for the everyday troubles of who deem as “average” people. Like the big iron gates and guard houses at the front of their estate or upscale division, these over-the-top safe rooms help maintain the illusion they live in a bubble. Thieves are the very essence of opportunism. Most burglars are looking for an easy score. Do you really think an intruder armed with nothing more than a crowbar is going to try to scale high walls of an upscale neighborhood before tunneling in to a safe room they didn’t even know existed? At the end of the day, discretion is what’s really important when it comes to protecting what matters most. No amount of money or frivolous add-on can afford you this crucial element to superior home safety. U.S. Safe Room features a series of DIY panelized kits that can retrofit any room, such as a walk-in closest, bedroom or office into a state-of-the-art mini fortress. You can easily transform existing infrastructure into a high-security panic room.

Custom Designed High-End Security Projects

A bunker safe room can protect your family from deranged killers.

Customized creative control shouldn’t cost a small fortune. Our customizable panelized safe rooms cost a small fraction of luxury panic rooms. Something as utilitarian and practical as a safe room shouldn’t rival the price of any home. But that doesn’t mean our affordable security solutions don’t come with some creative configurations. We’ve seen some of our clients use their safe rooms and bomb shelters from everything from game rooms and wine cellars to at-home movie theaters. We also value your privacy at every stage of the purchasing and installation process. We discretely deliver the panelized kits to your home, so nosey neighbors or thieves casing your house are none the wiser. During the design phase, you will work closely with building advisors and engineers to configure the perfect layout to any of our panelized kits, underground bunkers and storm shelters.

Storm Shelters and Bunkers are in Reach For Any Homeowner

above ground safe room or underground bunker

Sticker shock is without a doubt the biggest deterrent for potential safe room buyers. We’re not trying to say our initial price points will floor you, but there many people have a lost of misconceptions when it comes to certified safe rooms that meet all federal regulations. Unlike other home improvement or renovation projects, there aren’t any shortcuts. You can’t skimp corners or add extra square footage without meeting proper guidelines and regulations. Because all our storm shelters and panelized kits must meet all FEMA certifications, we have to use quality American steel and the toughest materials on the market. Roadside safe room hawkers of contractors on Craig’s List will try to tell you otherwise, but going with cheaper and weaker materials could mean the difference between safely riding out the storm or becoming another statistic.

High-Security Panic Rooms From Residential to Commercial Projects

We offer customized safety solutions for residential, commercial and high-end security for those who can justify the extra levels of protection. In truth, you can create anything with your storm safe room, such as a media room or home gym. Even the dimensions of the floor plan are up to you and what fits your lifestyle. However, since the primary function of a storm shelter is to keep you safe, we have designed these floor plans with longevity, economy, and comfort in mind. Feel free to modify yours to fit your needs, though!