Collective anxieties and frayed nerves have us all refreshing our browser pages for the latest updates on the war in the Ukraine. Not since the Cuban Missile crisis have we teetered so closely to the brink of war. Nuclear proliferation has forever changed diplomacy. Many of us don’t know an existence without the small fear of nuclear war. It’s just something we’ve always lived with. But with old adversaries reconnecting to old alliances, these fears have become almost overwhelming. Such existential uneasiness creates feelings of helplessness. But there is something you can do. You can restore a piece of your sanity and peace of mind with a nuclear bomb fallout shelter from U.S. Safe Room.

How Can a Nuclear Bomb Fallout Shelter Save You?

Nuclear Bomb Fallout Shelter

We’re not going to lie. The chances of surviving a direct nuclear blast aren’t so great. But fortunately the list of high priority targets is pretty limited. If an enemy of America is going to be so brazen to launch a preemptive or retaliatory strike, they are going to go for the throat and pick a military or government target. Dense population centers may also be an appealing target, but any nuclear armed nation is more likely to target an area of strategic importance or industrial center that affects our ability to wage war. But if you do find yourself in the crosshairs of a nuclear attack, an underground nuclear bomb fallout shelter can provide ample protection. By burying your shelter underground, you are putting extra layers of protection between you and the bomb. In addition to direct blast shockwaves, an underground shelter can protect you from radiation fallout and subsequent poisoning.

How Does a Nuclear Bomb Fallout Shelter Protect You?

Our nuclear bomb fallout shelters are made from tough US steel. Due to the lengthy half life of radiation fallout, it’s imperative that your shelter be buried deep underground. Optional nuclear, biological and chemical filtration systems (NBC) can increase your chances of survival over an extended period of time. Because timing is of the essence and a matter of life and death, you will want to install your underground shelter in an area where the entrance hatch is easily accessible. You will also want to keep these clandestine building plans secret to prevent a rush on your shelter during the next calamity. Limited resources are always a leading factor in conflict, and we can’t think of a more valuable asset than guaranteed nuclear protection.

Extended Safety for the Long-Haul

tornado shelter plans 6x30

No one knows what protracted nuclear warfare will look like. Nuclear bombs have only been used in warfare twice, during the same war. As WWII was drawing to a close, American forces turned to this super weapon as opposed to a land invasion that could’ve resulted in millions of military and civilian casualties. The bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were closing acts instead of opening salvos. In the even of a true nuclear war, weapons of mass destruction will probably occur much earlier in the conflict or as a last ditch effort by a losing party. In either scenario, you will need a long-term underground shelter solution. Chances are you will be spending a longtime below ground several weeks after the bombs have dropped. Depending on the extent of the destruction, your nuclear bomb fallout shelter might you be your permanent home for the foreseeable future. So, why not make it your own? As you can see by our creative layouts, a plethora of options exist for transforming an otherwise austere metal box into more friendly confines. Just because you’re belowground doesn’t mean you should have to give up certain creature comforts.

tornado shelter layout 6x30