The world is on fire. Wildfires continue to vanquish the west coast, as the mercury rises across the globe. Our fair-weathered English cousins are sweating bullets as a heatwave continues to blister the island. We can’t think of any other nation so woefully unprepared for this kind of heat. More than half of all UK homes don’t have air conditioners. There’s no more denying the effects of Global Warming. Even flathearthers are mocking these diehard climate deniers who are suffering alongside the rest of us under a blazing sun. But none of us are basking the proverbial glory of “I told you so’s” or “look who was right all along?” We are all in this simmering pot together and it’s going to take a group effort to get us out of hot water. And if you pretty savvy at noticing patterns and the path the world is headed right now, you know we are headed in the wrong direction. Look no further than Europe as your prime example. Do you really think Russia invaded Ukraine to push back NATO? All wars are about natural resources, and Russia is feeling the shift of change because of global warming. Russia overwhelming relies on oil exports and European cash to prop its economy. It doesn’t take a climatologist to understand the world’s tenuous dependence on fossil fuels is causing a shift to green energies. Eventually Russia must diversify its economy now more than ever to stay afloat, especially considering the true weight of world sanctions due to the invasion. Ukraine is the “Bread Basket” of the World. It also has oil rich deposits in the eastern flanks, which so happens to be the focus of their invasion. There’s also a wealth of mineral veins that run throughout the country. You can call it a war of attrition of ideology, but what’s happening in the Ukraine is an outright landgrab and an operation to simply augment the Russian economy. But it’s not just Europe feeling the palpable tension and heat due to climate change.

What Are the True Effects of Climate Change?

America is incredibly insular and well-protected from foreign threats. Two large bodies of water, not to mention the world’s most technologically advanced military, stand between us and even a pipedream of conquering America by the world’s most authoritarian regimes. There’s simply no match or chance of a foreign nation occupying American soil, but that doesn’t mean climate change won’t cause civil unrest. Rising global temperatures have caused the ice caps to melt, slowly allowing sea levels to rise worldwide. Even the most generous of projections put low-lying cities underwater within the next 50 years. Houston, New Orleans, Miami, and possibly even New York could join the Lost City of Atlantis. What does this means for millions of displaced peoples? A mass urban exodus to rural locations will likely ensue. We’ve already seen an acceleration of this trend during the pandemic. This has caused real estate prices to skyrocket as deep pockets outweigh humble, hard-scrabble existences in rural areas. Richer folks from these threatened regions are moving into more idyllic locations and pricing out locals in the real estate market. Needless to say, that’s going to cause some friction and polarization in those communities. Speaking of viruses, we probably got off easy with the last one. Future human incursions into nature will further offset the world’s natural balance, possibly triggering another pandemic. The next virus could even be worse than COVID19. We could see a complete crumbling of our society if American approaches an even deadlier disease with the same attitude as it did with the coronavirus.

An American Invasion of Canada?

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As we said earlier, war is about resources. What happens if the Deep South is simply uninhabitable due to rising sea levels and temperatures, as well as pesky hurricanes? Where will millions of people turn to? There’s only so much free land in this country and another population explosion could put us well over the brim of sustainability. With pressure mounting at home, our leaders and generals might start eying our neighbors to the north. Canada is a land of abundance, or at least it could be in the not-so distant future. Even the coldest regions of the country will probably feel temperate if rising temperatures continue to rise northward. Warmer weather means otherwise frozen and barren tundra will be suitable for growing wheat and other crops. The Canucks might even make an attempt to surpass Ukraine as the world’s bread basket. Canada is also rich in oil and mineral deposits. We’re not trying to say Canada will be the land of milk and honey, but it could be in prime position to ride out global warming. And Canada isn’t exactly a military juggernaut. An invasion of Canada by the US could be in the foreseeable future. And it wouldn’t be the first time these two nations traded blows over border disputes. We’re in no way advocating for violence or conspiracy theories, but simply going over a list of hypotheticals or worst-case scenarios about global warming. If nothing else, far-fetched or fantastical tales can play a huge part in jumpstarting the conversation about the effects of climate change, so we can see some real world solutions sooner rather than later. Regardless of what the future might bring, there’s not a lot you can do to sway public policy or turn the tide of change. What you can do is make sensible decisions to help protect your family for manmade and natural threats. Our panelized safe room kits can transform any room or corridor in your home to a secret steel fortress. Our safe rooms are ideal for riding out tornados, home invasions, hurricanes (in non flood prone areas) and even nuclear war. Contact us today for a free quote!