Nuclear bomb protection is no longer a niche market. People worldwide continue to take the threat of nuclear very seriously with hostilities and threats increasing everyday. In the face of shocking military defeats against a western backed Ukrainian army, Russia is threating to defend itself with nuclear weapons. With western outcry increasing against these dangerous spiels of a downtrodden tyrant, Russia may look for anyway out to save face against defeat. Russia is one of about nine nuclear capable states and its military doctrine permits the use of nuclear weapons if the very existence of the state becomes threatened. People within Russia are taking these threats seriously as thousands of citizens have undertaking the task of purchasing or building nuclear bomb protection at home. While eastern Europe may feel a world away, it only takes the matter of a few minutes for a nuclear strike to reach your doorstep.

Only You Can Save Yourself During a Nuclear Attack

Underground Storm Shelter Bunker includes a full Bathroom with a chemical toilet, pressurized fresh water tank, running sink water, gray water storage tank, and shower.

If the Russians were to launch a surprise attack against the United States, it would do so with almost no warning. A battery of nuclear warheads could be primed for your within a few minutes. Even a tornado gives you a little bit of a head start. If the Russians did launch an attack stateside, there wouldn’t even be enough time to sound the alarms or seek shelter, as you would almost immediately be vaporized. Why not give your family a fighting chance with nuclear bomb protection? Even if the government wanted to, there’s simply no way we could construct the amount of necessary bomb shelters to save all Americans. Autonomy begins and ends at individual survival. Only you can save yourself. An underground fallout shelter nuclear bomb shelter utilizes mechanical ventilation to blow outwardly, so that dangerous radioactive fallout is unable to penetrate your bunker. All U.S. Safe Room nuclear protection comes with optional survival mechanisms, including alcohol burning stoves and EMP attack protection, against the unthinkable. Remember, the unthinkable become reality when fear of the unknown is allowed to overwhelm basic primal survival instincts. Being prepared can reduce anxiety, as it gives you control and security in the wake of an extremely unstable situation.

nuclear bomb protection

Nuclear Bomb Protection Can Add Value to Your Home

But what’s the point of a nuclear bomb shelter adding value to your home if your home is just going to be obliterated in a nuclear attack? Refusing to see the utilitarian mindset that nuclear bomb protection affords is a western mindset. We often only see singular uses with our possessions. A kitchen, for example, is never just a kitchen. It’s the primary family room where people come together to break bread: and food is always the primary comfort conveyance – and talk about their day. A bomb shelter can be more than just a bomb shelter. When not in use, nuclear bomb protection could become a second family room to gather or even used for storage. Increasing your homes floor plan and square footage with reinforced steel is also a great way to add value to your home during the next appraisal.

Built-in steel table with seating bench, and AC/DC power for grid power with battery backup.