Once thought as a luxury for the super rich, bomb shelters have become crazy popular in recent years. With severe weather reaching epidemic proportions, more Americans have sought solid steel protection from the comfort of their homes. But it’s not just severe weather that is driving people to hysteria. Recurring threats of nuclear war, vulcanized by the war in Ukraine has people revisiting this Cold War pastime. But we don’t live in the 1980s anymore – solid steel protection is as feasible as it is affordable. When most people think of bomb shelters, they envision huge subterranean tunnels or 1950s fallout shelters, but modern shelters are more sleek and discreet. Advances in modern engineering means that any room in your house can be easily transformed into a bomb shelter. But how is this possible? Isn’t a bomb shelter an entire separate structure as its own? Before googling, “Do you need a bomb shelter?” consider some of the revolutionary models offered by U.S. Safe Room.

US Safe Room Underground Storm Shelter Bunkers offer multi-purpose space for living area, storage, sleeping, eating, working, and a restroom.
Do You Need a Bomb Shelter?
Do You Need a Bomb Shelter?

Do You Need a Bomb Shelter if You Live in America?

America hasn’t really experienced protracted warfare since the Civil War. With war raging on every other civilized continent, America remains unafflicted by war. But that could change within just a matter of seconds. Russian Premier Vladmir Putin has returned Russia to the days of the Soviet Union and is threatening to use nuclear weapons to stop anyone who might choose to get in his way. If the final launch codes were given, it would take a land based missile only 30 minutes to reach the U.S. from Russia and our old Soviet adversaries have more than enough to obliterate our country a hundred times over. Many experts believe Russia has nearly 6,000 nuclear warheads at its disposal.

A Growing Threat: Tornadoes Continue to Threaten the Southeast

While America doesn’t have its share of any warlords contriving for power, our diverse land, especially the southeast, has another unique threat to contend with: tornadoes. Every year, tornadoes destroy thousands of homes and causes billions of dollars in damages. More often than not, these storms can quickly turn deadly if potential victims cannot find safety quick enough. By the time you see the tornado warning flash across your smartphone, you only have a few minutes to reach safety. And what’s worse, most tornadoes that occur in the southeast happen in the dead of night, so you’re at a distinct advantage to seek shelter that is not within a short walking distance of your bed.

Convenience Meets Steal Protection

above ground safe room or underground bunker

Because a panelized safe room can be conveniently located within the confines of your home, you don’t have to leave your residence, or venture outside to find instant protection. Any room within your home can be a bomb shelter. Our shelter systems are comprised of lightweight panels that be easily installed into any existing home or office! Even a closet can be quickly hardened with the battle tested paneling system from U.S. Safe Room. These panels can be discreetly delivered to your home. Not even your nosey neighbors must know! We can then easily and quietly install a panelized safe room without tearing your home into a thousand pieces! Do you need a bomb shelter? Call us today for a free quote!