We get this question more than any other. How much does a tornado shelter cost? Purchasing and installing a tornado shelter is one of the most complicated transactions you can make. Buying a new car with loaded options is a more streamlined transaction. Not to say that customizing a personalized tornado shelter is overly complicated, but perfecting a structure to save your life is more complex than deciding if you want heated seats in your new Honda Civic. With so many options and scenarios to consider when quoting a price, it’s impossible to give each customer a fixed or blanket price for each model of storm shelter that we currently offer. Take shelter sizes as the perfect example. Each customer will likely order a different shelter with the exact size dimensions. Each home has a unique floor plan and limitations when designing a tornado shelter to install in a residence. There’s no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ mentality. As a result, giving a fixed price on a particular model would be misleading and unethical to potential customers.

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Underground Storm Shelter Bunker includes a full Bathroom with a chemical toilet, pressurized fresh water tank, running sink water, gray water storage tank, and shower.

There’s nothing superfluous or frivolous about any option on a customized tornado shelter. Everything included in a customized tornado shelter order is designed to save your family’s life or make their stay behind the steel panelized walls a little more comfortable. From the mechanical ventilation to the alcohol-burning stove and bunkbeds, a tornado shelter from U.S. Safe Room is optimized to withstand any external threat, including boredom and isolation during chaotic events. How could one possibly affix a firm price tag to a model that is as diverse as the potentially life-altering events we face every day? Even home building expert Bob Vila is hesitant to pinpoint an exact pricing point when it comes to how much a tornado shelter costs. The building guru estimates that your typical underground shelter could run you anywhere from $4,000 to $30,000. While the expert repairman covers nearly the entire gamut of total costs and installation, such a wide figure is of little help when you’re trying to get a finalized price for financing.

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How much does a tornado shelter cost?

Just because we don’t directly advertise pricing on our website doesn’t mean we can’t give you a customized quote within just a few minutes. We don’t want to confuse or provide misleading price points that could alter your planning process. When you’re ready to discuss pricing and have a solid picture of what your shelter should include, request a customized quote from one of our trusted building advisors. The process is simple, with no hidden fees or expenses. We don’t want to waste your time, and we understand that pricing should be discussed very early on. If a customer and salesperson aren’t even in the same ballpark, why would we want to spend more time trying to close a sale than necessary? Just talk to us on live chat. Please tell us what you need and what size shelter you want. Within a few minutes, we will email you a custom quote, and you can decide if you will move forward with us or shop elsewhere.