Learning how to survive a nuclear blast isn’t the most pleasant dinner conversation, but that’s the reality we live in. Destruction in Europe not seen since WWII is threatening the delicate balance of peace on the world stage. As economic sanctions and a recent cap on oil, which is the lifeline of the dying Russian empire, threaten to strangle the country, Putin has warns of drastic action. The beleaguered leader has said on multiple occasions that he will not hesitate to use nuclear weapons if he feels sovereignty of Russia is threatened. Money is the most powerful motivator and indicator of national autonomy. If Russia doesn’t feel it’s able to achieve its international goals due to meddling on the world stage, the use of nuclear weapons could become a primary strategy for victory. And as President Biden said in October 2022, it only takes a simple miscalculation to turn a limited nuclear exchange into Armageddon. While the battlefields of Ukraine remain a distant, but worrying threat in our mind, it only takes a few terse words from leaders with a hair-trigger to bring a nuclear exchange to any corner of the world. An underground safe room could be your best chance at withstanding a battery of aerial assaults, including a nuclear bomb.

Don’t Stare Into the Light

Imagine tending to your garden’s heirloom tomatoes or removing debris from your home’s clogged gutters one spring afternoon when you suddenly you’re overwhelmed by a blinding light on the horizon. Your first instinct might be to turn your attention to this brilliant display of nuclear fusion as hot as the surface of the sun, but if you have any inclination toward survival, you should quickly scurry inside and see protection in an interior room or even a bathtub as a last resort. If you acted without trepidation, you might stand a chance at survival. Like during a tornado outbreak, quick action without hesitation is the key to survival. The fact that you withstood the initial shockwave bodes well for your chances of living through this nuclear strike, but the assault on your life is far from over. Another nuclear attack could be imminent, so you don’t want to venture too far from whatever concrete sanctuary you’ve found in the early moments of the attack. There’s a more sinister threat raining down on you this very second – nuclear fallout. This type of residual radioactive material is thrown skyward during a nuclear attack before it silently falls back to earth, contaminating whatever it touches like a silent but killer rain falling on unsuspecting victims. If you suspect you’ve come in contact with nuclear fallout or radiation, it’s crucial that you quickly take a hot shower and lather your entire body in soap and thoroughly wash yourself, but resist the urge to scrub as this could deteriorate your body’s natural layer of protection.

Have a Plan in Place

Inaction is almost certain death in learning how to survive a nuclear blast. Unfortunately, developing a sound and feasible abatement to a nuclear bomb will quickly get you labeled a “conspiracy theory” in certain circles, but since when is precaution a synonym for panicked reactionists? If you’re unable to secure an underground shelter during an imminent nuclear attack, your only recourse might be to seek shelter in a large concrete structure that has very few windows, ideally a school or community center. But your chance at survival remains access to an underground bunker from U.S. Safe Room. Our bunkers have a litany of options available to help your family withstand a direct nuclear attack and whatever residual fallout you might come in contact with. Take a look below at all the potentially life-saving options made available at your disposal.

Complete Options List

  • Bathroom (sink, toilet, shower)
  • Water filtration
  • Complete Kitchen
  • Bed
  • DC Electric Power
  • AC/DC Battery Backup
  • Storage
  • Vertical Ladder Entry
  • NBC Air Filtration
  • Alcohol Burning Stove
  • Dining Table
  • 12V LED Lighting