March came in like a lion in Texas as a line of severe weather left thousands without power Friday morning. Dallas, a popular hot spot for early spring tornadoes, was greeted by the all-too familiar sound of tornado sirens Thursday night. No deaths were reported from these storms, but the harrowing experience likely left thousands with rattled nerves. If tornadoes continue to threaten the Lone Star state this early in the season, what will the spring and summer bring to the region? Texas tornadoes have become a reality for the residents of Dallas, but that doesn’t mean they have to live in fear or without steel protection. A panelized steel safe room can transform any existing structure into a fortress against severe weather.

How to Protect Your Family From Texas Tornadoes

Friday’s tornadoes made easy work of semis and unsecured property that was overturned in the storm’s wake. Altogether, the tornado watches covered around 3.5 million residents. Needless to say, no one slept easily last night in Texas with the tornado sirens blaring relentlessly with each passing second. Nighttime tornadoes can be especially dangerous because storm spotters have a more difficult time seeing the funnel clouds and most impacted residents find themselves in their most vulnerable state – sound asleep in their beds. So, where will you go when the sirens to scream in the dead of night? You don’t have enough time to reach a community tornado shelter or even a basement, which many homes don’t include due to flooding concerns. While a bathroom or the lowest level of your home gives you a fighting chance of surviving a tornado, it’s still risky undertaking. What if you could have a sleek, yet discreet and sleek panelized steel safe room within just a few feet of your bed?

Transform Your Walk-in Closet or Guest Room Into a State-of-The-Art Storm Shelter

Texas tornadoes

Everyone wants steel protection, but not everyone can afford to buy and bury a customized tornado shelter. It’s just not practical for some people. With limited income, why would you invest in a standalone storm shelter that you will only use for emergency situations? Not to say there’s not a vested and logical need in these types of shelters, but they just aren’t practical for those with limited space. But what if you could make the most of your existing space while still preserving its everyday use? Panelized steel sheets can transform any existing room, closet or storage area into a tough as nails tornado shelter. Our panelized steel technology is strong enough to withstand pulverizing forces of nature while not damaging the structural integrity of the room or creating unnecessary clutter. Adding panelized steel protection takes up about as much wall space as freshly hung sheetrock. You will get all of the protection without any of the wasted space.