While engineered for superior steel protection against all conceivable threats, an aboveground shelter could also double as a safe room or tiny home. Designed with your safety and convenience in mind, an aboveground shelter is like a second home or spare bedroom. Comprised and fortified with solid steel welds, our safe rooms give you additional floorspace without adding to your existing home. At the fraction of what it would cost to build on or renovate, an external and separate shelter is your most cost prudent measure against threats and discomfort. Why spend thousands of dollars for reinforced steel protection if you’re only going to use it for emergency situations? It’s like having a sports car that you never take out for a spin. Why leave it in the showroom? Get some everyday use out of it to justify financing. You could also create a man cave or guest house with a solid aboveground shelter from U.S. Safe Room.

All The Creature Comforts of Home

tiny home

When most people think of safe rooms or tornado shelters, they envision cold and sterile steel mini fortresses with only one practical use. While it’s true the primary purpose of these edifying structures is to protect your family, you can also have the best of both worlds. All you need is a little creative insight to transform your safe room or panelized shelter into a secret second home escape. Just take a look at the possible configuration above. You can have all the amenities of home, along with optional ventilation and air filtration system along with possible electrical hookups. By having it located just outside your primary residence, you can escape to refuge within just a few seconds without sacrificing everyday comfort. With building materials and mortgages skyrocketing, tiny homes just make sense. But if you’re going to all the trouble of installing a second home or guest house on your property, why not go all out and have steel protection while you’re at it?

Tiny Homes Are All the Rage

Along with the added safety perks and convenience of a shelter that doubles as a tiny home, it could also add value to your property. Everyone is looking to spruce up their homes during spring, when most reappraisals take place. Boost your property’s curb appeal with a secret tornado shelter or tiny home. With tornadoes now threatening every corner of America, thousands of potential home owners want to add both safety and value to their existing property. A tornado shelter that doubles as a second guest home or party room is a great incentive to reinvest in your current property or to gauge potential interest with this unique feature. How many homes on the open market feature both extra floor space and superior steel protection? And if you’re of the prepper mindset, a versatile steel shelter is the perfect substitute for building an additional doomsday bunker. Don’t settle for inferior protection. Invest in a durable and lasting safe guard against any threat imaginable! Contact us today for a free quote!