Building a new home or adding to existing structure through renovation is an exciting time as a homeowner. New construction or breaking ground on a brand new project gives you the blank slate you always dreamed about. How often have you taken pause during redecorating or rearranging furniture to think about what you would have done differently. If only you could’ve gone back to the design phase to lay out the perfect floorplan for your new home. When fine tuning plans for the ideal home, we often forget needed expansion as our growing families blossoms. What feels like enough space today will quickly turn into cramped living quarters with a growing accumulation of “stuff” that we accrue through the years. Adding a safe room to home construction could give you hundreds of square feet of extra space that could be used for home storage, and of course as personal protection in the event of a home invasion or severe weather.

The Benefits of Adding a Safe Room to Home Construction

Adding a Safe Room to Home Construction

The best laid plans will always run askew of our ideal intentions as the necessities of “living on the fly” creates a haphazard existence. Family living rooms quickly turn into a spare bedroom for visiting guests; dining room tables become supplanted by late night homework tutoring sessions and that spare bedroom that was earmarked for grandma? Forget about it. It’s about to become the neighborhood’s largest walk-in closet. And your dreams of a private home office or study? Have you unheard the term, “unexpected pregnancy?’ Even the best drawn-up plans have to be set side for accommodating a growing family. But adding a safe room construction bypasses all of these storage dilemmas. By setting aside a designated area for a panelized safe room, you instantly create a hands-off storage area or home addition that can be used at your discretion, and not your rummaging kids who are always looking for a new place to “build a new fort.” While the absence of windows – remember you’re still trying to create a safety shelter that can’t be pummeled by wind-driven debris – doesn’t create perfect ambiance for guests or leisurely days for family activities, it sets the tone for the room’s intended use. “Hey, this room is hands off. We will only use this panelized safe room for severe weathers or emergencies.” Of course, you don’t have to tell the rest of the family of the panelized safe room’s duality in your grand planning scheme to optimize your home for both strength and sensibility in design. When not in use, this extra room or shelter gives you a secret storage area to finally organize your family’s clutter. It’s also opens up floor space if you decide to one day convert the shelter into a bedroom.

Cheaper Than Traditional Construction

Building a new home, especially during the era of rampant inflation, is an expensive and time-consuming undertaking. Building supplies and transportation costs continue to outpace even the most well endowed salaries. Ongoing labor shortages from the receding pandemic compound overbooked construction companies, so the reality of timely project completion becomes completely reliant on too many external factors to enumerate without eliciting a full-blown panic attack. But how can you supplement your ever-shrinking available floor space without taking out a second mortgage on your home? A panelized saferoom remains your best option in adding floorspace without draining your bank account. For a fraction of what it would cost to break ground on a costly addition, we can convert existing corridors and wasted floor space into an economical and sensible storage solution. You will also bypass the bureaucracy of spending money to file new permits for necessary additions down at the local planning office. We can also provide discreet delivery and installation, so you don’t have to worry about nosey neighbors learning the ins and outs of ongoing expansion projects. Still not convinced? Well consider this: adding a safe room to your home could also increase your home’s value. Added living space and the incentive of solid steel protection during unprecedented times will only leverage your power as a seller. If you do have your heart set on building a new home from scratch, now is the time to include a safe room into those building plans before the first shovel breaks ground. It’s always much easier to include heavy duty projects from inception instead of renovating to accommodate in the future, although we specialize in correcting past mistakes for the purpose of protecting your family.

How Much Does a Safe Room Really Costs?

above ground safe room or underground bunker

Of course, this is the most common question we encounter when dealing with customer inquiries. There’s no set size or model when designing a new safe room although we have several well-designed templates awaiting customization, depending on the needs of the customer. We don’t weld a single bend or sheet of steel until we get the customer to sign off on their personalized set of plans. And there’s always room for tweaking designs to accommodate last second designs or iterations to make your safe room specialized to meet your exact needs. For this reason, we cannot provide a set blanket price for all our models. Continuous changing to steel pricing will always require a diligent eye for the most accurate pricing. Market variables are simply out of our hands and constantly changing, so don’t expect a quote you received six months ago to remain unchanged. There’s also other variables that you can’t quantify with simple math. Installing a safe room could not only add to your home’s value during reappraisals, but they could even positively impact insurance premiums. Bolstering existing infrastructure with reinforced steel could help your home stand its ground during brutalizing wind events, and could lessen the total costs of damages that insurance companies have to pay out. There’s one final variable that you cannot set a monetary value to: your peace of mind that your family will always stay protected with the addition of a panelized safe room. Don’t leave your family’s safety to chance. Invest today in lasting protection.