Mother Nature is a dichotomy of terror. On one end of the severe weather spectrum, she unleashes pelting hailstorms and steel-twisting tornadoes while on the complete opposite, it’s blizzard-like conditions. There seems to be no middle ground when it comes to wanton destruction. Severe weather only knows extremes and doesn’t care who or what is left in the wake. With Christmas only a week away, residents in Louisiana is counting more blessings than usual this year after surviving a barrage of tornadoes this week. At least three people were killed and dozens more incurred injuries when nearly 50 tornadoes ransacked the Gulf State region. More than 5,000 structures were also damaged when a tornado struck the City of Gretna, which is just over the Mississippi River from New Orleans. This massive storm that brought such varying degrees of destruction is the complementary spearhead of a larger system that also brought blizzard conditions in the northern parts of the central U.S. Help ease your storm anxiety with a panelized safe room that can be installed into any existing structure and is versatile enough to survive quick-shifting weather patterns.

What is Storm Anxiety?

storm anxiety

Storm anxiety is the perpetual or endless fear of the unknown – specifically severe weather. Most people afflicted by this psychological distress live in storm prone areas or have survived some traumatic weather event, such as a tornado or hurricane. It’s enough to cause anyone to develop a panic disorder and in some cases, can only be assuaged with a real-world solution, such as a safety measure that guarantees at least some level of protection. It only compounds the complicated duress by knowing that most severe weather and tornadoes strike the south in the dead of night. You don’t have to be anxious to understand how rumination from tornadoes touching down from a darkened sky is enough to send anyone running from the hills. The dark is scary enough without dangerous storms whipping up your emotions into a frenzy. We couldn’t imagine the level of anxiety folks in Louisiana and Mississippi continue to live with this week following the sudden onslaught of severe weather. In addition to the train-freight esque winds and the visceral fear of awaiting for the coup de grace, these same Mississippi residents were left not knowing what to expect next or where to go as all form of communication was likely severed. More than 50,000 people were left without power.

Calm Your Fears and Regain Control

We can’t change the weather. In fact, humanity can only make severe weather worse, as evident by the recent rise in severe weather brought on by Global Warming. What we can provide is vaunted steel protection that lets you withstand more than just a passing glance from tornadoes and hurricanes. Panelized shelters can do more than just ease your storm anxiety with peace of mind. Panelized storm shelters are the insurance you never knew you needed until it was far too late. All possessions can be replaced, but the lives of those who you hold near and dear cannot. No storm shelter can 100 percent guarantee survival, but it does dramatically increase your chances.