Thanksgiving holiday weekend is full of friends, good food and Black Friday shopping deals. Late November is a time to reflect on life’s bountiful harvest and to look forward to the holiday season. But fall is a transitional season when it comes to severe weather, so it’s important we don’t let our guard down. Like spring, fall weather runs the gamut from unseasonably warm and tepid to chillingly cool and dry. With such transient weather creating turbulent airflows across the Midwest and Deep South, the propensity for severe weather exists. While tornadoes have become more closely associated with spring weather, they can still happen at any time. A recent storm system stretching from the Great Lakes to the Deep South is pumping the brakes on thoughts of snowy weather, as 40 million people remain under threat for severe storms.

Severe Storms Threaten Deep South

severe storms

Severe storms never take a holiday. Invest in superior protection from U.S. Safe Room, so you can continue to count your many blessings.

As we wind down from a busy holiday weekend while gearing up for Christmas, it’s easy to let our guard down when it comes to everyday threats. Weather is the one thing that’s ubiquitous and affects everyone of us. While prevailing blue skies and lower humidity remain hallmarks of fall weather, changing winds can quickly bring fresh storm systems. A dastardly trio of tornado, destructive winds and hail accompany a quickly advancing storm system in the east coast. As you can tell from the above radar, this massive storm system eclipses a wide arch of land, but the brunt of the storm is on the southern edge near Tennessee and the Ohio Valley. Mississippi and Louisiana remain particularly exposed. These areas can be favorite targets for tornadoes. Thicker, sticky air and rolling flat land creates an easy egress for swirling storms.

“Severe thunderstorms capable of producing tornadoes, very large hail, and a few severe wind gusts are expected this afternoon into the overnight period across parts of the lower to mid-Mississippi Valley and parts of the Southeast,” the prediction center said. “A few strong tornadoes will be possible.”

Don’t Let Severe Storms Catch You Off Guard

severe storms

The very nature of storms is changing. That’s pretty fitting for Mother Nature herself, as she can be a fickle beast. But what’s happening with the science of tornado sounds like the stuff of Hollywood Blockbuster movies. Tornado Alley is shifting. The entire scope for killer storms, which has always hovered around Texas and Oklahoma is setting its sights on the southeast. Of course, the Midwest will continue to see its share of storms, but tornadoes will continue to occur in greater numbers across Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and the Carolinas. What makes tornadoes so dangerous in the south is how they tend to sneak up on people. For whatever reason, most tornados in this region occur in the dead of night, long after everyone has gone to bed. So, obviously people are at a disadvantage when a tornado touches down as you only have a few minutes to get to safety.

Stay Prepare With U.S. Safe Room

The only proven protection from life’s uncertainties is forged and proven in steel. Advances in metallurgy and engineering have placed steel safe rooms and panelized shelters as the main battery in combating severe weather. Our safe rooms and tornado shelters have been tested to withstand windspeeds of 250 miles per hour and projectile driven debris. Pretty powerful stuff, wouldn’t you say? While interior rooms and basements give you a fighting chance for surviving tornadoes, steel shelters can give you solid protection that will last a lifetime and protect countless lives for years to come. What’s more, these shelters can be easily retrofitted into any existing home or office, so you don’t have to worry about complete structural overall of your home. They can easily and secretly installed in your home, so they remain the perfect life-defense against intruders, too.