When you think of New Hampshire, what comes to mind? Do you think of evergreen pine forests and majestic views that stretch on for miles? Or maybe you lick your lips as frontal lobes of your brain project images of warm maple syrup cascading down pillowy fluffs of freshly made pancakes. And if you’re politically bent, you might even think of the charismatic and flamboyant politician Bernie Sanders. No, wait. That’s New Hampshire’s sister state, Vermont. But like a longwinded statesmen who seems to never run out of momentum or potential targets, tornadoes have also made a home in this New England state. In perhaps the first of its kind, brazen novice film chasers captured a nascent tornado touching down in Charlestown, New Hampshire. A few New Hampshire motorists were so unfamiliar with these storms that a few of them even unknowingly drove right into harm’s way! Although meteorologists deemed the tornado as a weaker unorganized air mass, the very thought of a tornado this far north is terrifying. If tornadoes can happen this far from their usual stomping grounds, they can touch down anywhere. At U.S. Safe Room, that’s exactly the message we are trying to drive home to folks. You’re never out of reach from Mother Nature’s wayward ways. Tornado safe rooms continue to grow in popularity and for good reason. Storms like these are fraying nerves and causing once well-measured individuals to deviate from the norm in securing protection from all threats.

Is Anyone Safe From Unsuspecting Tornadoes

tornado safe room

Imagine if tornadoes were common in New England during the Revolutionary War. The British would have had more issues on their hands than a few renegade colonists tossing tea into the harbor! Unlike Colonial Days, the northeast is much more densely populated, which makes twisters even more dangerous once you consider the fact the local populace is woefully ill-prepared for seismic shifting tornadoes that forever taint their worldview of what is safe. But it’s not just New England and the northeast. Tornadoes are touching down in every corner of America. Tornado safe rooms are the only true protection against unpredictable storms. When faced with the unprecedented, always turn to proven protection in U.S. Safe Room. We subject our safe rooms and tornadoes to a battery of tests to ensure they can withstand anything that Mother Nature throws their way. We’ve simulated real life conditions in a killer tornado by hurling heavy two-by-four pieces of lumber at our safe rooms at 200 miles per hour. Our tornado safe room didn’t even flinch and the structural integrity of our shelters remained intact.

Safe Rooms Can Be Retrofitted into Almost Any Home or Office

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“Can a storm shelter fit in my home’s office or a closet?” The short answer is a resounding yes. When most people think of a tornado safe room or bomb shelters, they think of these big and bulky oversized pods that came straight out of some Cold War alternate reality. But technological innovations have simplified the engineering and construction process. Think of it this way: What happens to materials and technology as time passes? Parts become smaller and more compact while yielding more power than ever before. Instead of churning out wholescale products, modern manufacturing relies on easily assembled parts that cut down on shipping costs and size constraints. The same is true for safe rooms and tornado shelters. Our panelized safe rooms kits are engineered and manufactured in our North Carolina factory with the same strength and attention to detail as our modular units without sacrificing structural integrity. These panels can be discreetly delivered to your home where they can easily assembled and retrofitted to fit any home or office. Tornado safe rooms are both economical and easy to install, streamlining their importance and underscoring your commitment to your family’s safety.