It’s unfortunate that we’re having this conversation. But we have to face the reality of the American dystopia. Our government has failed us in protecting our nation’s children. Little stands in the way of sadistic shooters from unloading on any classroom in America. With the body count mounting to unprecedented figures, the “thoughts and prayers” platitudes are of little solace to grieving parents. Even local police forces remain woefully inept to prevent mass shootings. Lawmakers, faced with the political conundrums of balancing constitutional rights while satisfying constituents, can’t seem to find common ground on gun control. Since did the rights of a minority outweigh the safety of the majority? Did our “Founding Fathers” really envision school zones as battlefields? We won’t get into the divisive and polarizing rhetoric of gun rights, but we can all agree that protecting children is a worthwhile conversation. What we can do is fight the steel of a gun barrel with the steel of a bulletproof steel shelter from U.S. Safe Room.

School shootings are like tornadoes. You don’t know where they will strike next. But nowhere is immune from their effects. Pugnacious and tenacious, school shooters and tornadoes trike without impunity. Rampaging through communities without fear of reprisals, both forces almost always target the most vulnerable. Bulletproof steel shelters are a logical solution to a bevy of threats. Because schools typically have wide-open floorplans with large corridors, our shelters can be easily retrofitted into any existing hallway or classroom. We’ve seen some pretty creative architects layout plans to install shelters in gyms and auditoriums, which already offer intrinsic structural advantages, so it’s like adding a shell within an already fortified steel shell for protecting students. Centralized location allows students and teachers to quickly make their way to safety in the event of either a tornado or mass shooting. We fabricate and engineer customized bulletproof steel shelters of all sizes and applications. We can manufacture shelters large enough to accommodate an entire school, as well as those small enough to fit in individual classrooms.

How Can Schools Pay for Bulletproof Steel Shelters?

bulletproof steel shelters

Price is always a concern when it comes to major construction and installation. But then again, can you really put a price on the safety of your students? Schools remain in a perfect financial position to receive or generate funding for shelters. Because schools receive funding from the county, state and federal level, they are primed to receive a diversified funding portfolio to foot the cost of construction and installation. There’s also school construction bonds from large financial institutions and banks to help foot the bill. Since a large chunk of funding comes from the local level, it’s up to individual parents and community leaders to lobby their local county governments for an increase in funding to cover the costs of the safe room. FEMA also offers Community Development Block Grant Funds to help pay these necessary safety shelters.

Tornado Safe Community Shelter

community safe room for trailer park
  • EF-5 250 MPH Wind Tested and Approved Design
  • Encased in solid steel with industrial steel structural framing for maximum protection
  • Customizable for any of your needs and number of persons you plan to protect
  • Risk management for schools, towns, businesses, and remote construction sites
  • Versatile uses include warm-up and cool down rooms with Power and Climate Control
  • Easy Accessibility to safe Tornado and severe weather for large groups
  • Restroom options with Chemical Toilet or Plumbing for Emergency Planning 
  • Turn-key installation available