Mass shootings have returned to America. Following the lull in violence that came with the pandemic, an uptick in mass shootings has taken hold. Last month, a a former student at the The Covenant School in Nashville shot and killed three children. Schools have become a favorite target for shooters. Whether it’s because of the vulnerable population of potential victims or former bullied students seeking retribution with no resistance, education centers continue to be at the forefront of violence. But it’s not just schools that must contend with unwarranted violence. On Monday, a Louisville bank employee opened fire on his fellow opened fire on his coworkers, killing five and injuring eight. Mass shootings now outpace tornadoes and hurricanes in death and destruction. At least with tornadoes, you have ominous storm clouds that at least hint at approaching doom. But unlike hurricanes or even tornadoes, there’s no warning whatsoever. Even bright sunny skies can give away to tragedy to unsuspecting victims. Mass shooting protection from U.S. Safe Room can thwart would-be shooters.

Take Back Control With Mass Shooting Protection From U.S. Safe Room

Mass shooters will always be remembered as the ultimate cowards. They don’t want a fair fight. Marginalized adherers to extreme violence seek out the weakest targets that will give little to no resistance. But gun-wielding zealots are also opportunistic criminals. Once they pull the trigger, they only have a few minutes to unleash carnage before authorities can respond with lethal force. With a running clock on their lives, shooters go for the quickest kills in unlocked rooms and areas without barricades. Even a hard to open door can provide just enough resistance for a shooter to give up and go to the next corridor to continue shooting. Imagine what quarter-inch steel protection could do in saving lives and stopping shooters in their tracks? When it comes to safety, discretion is key. Our panelized safe rooms can also be surreptitiously positioned in a clandestine location, completely removed from the violence unfolding around it. With an escape plan in place, your family and students have a quick path to protection until the threat at hand passes.

Our Steel Safe Rooms Are Tougher Than the Metal of a Gun

No one needs to try to be a hero during a mass shooting event. Leave that to the authorities. If you want to save the most lives in as little time as possible, you should invest in superior mass shooting protection from U.S. Safe Room. Panelized safe rooms can be easily retrofitted into any existing classroom or office, providing instant protection for students, workers and employees. Comprised of quarter-inch steel protection, our steel safe rooms are virtually impervious to all ballistic ordnances and brunt force objects. Above-ground models also make for ideal safe rooms when deranged shooters come knocking. But it’s not just shooters threatening America’s most vulnerable population. March has already brought unprecedented tornado destruction. Dozens of people have been killed during violent tornado outbreaks. What’s truly troubling to meteorologists is that tornado alley is shifting to the southeast. The threats keep coming for those caught in the crosshairs of destruction. Safe rooms offer two-in-one protection. One panelized shelter or aboveground model can save countless lives. Contact us today to get a free quote!