America no longer has the monopoly on destruction from tornadoes although gun violence is still an entirely different story. While the US has some of the most diverse microclimates in the world, other nations across the globe see their fair share of chaotic weather. Just take a recent tornado in China as case and point. Closed-circuit TV cameras recently captured footage of a rare tornado rampaging through one of the country’s provinces. The storm can be seen easily cutting through powerlines and pummeling nearby buildings. While earthquakes, typhoons, monsoons and mass flooding are all par for the course in China, tornadoes remain pretty rare. An estimated 100 tornadoes might touch down on any given year in the communist country, which is fairly sporadic when you consider the country’s size. That’s a pretty paltry number compared to the 1,200 confirmed tornadoes the US sees every year. Canada also experienced a near run-in with a tornado of its own this past Father’s Day. That’s right. A nation revered for its hearty cold-natured citizenry is not immune from these powerful forces of nature of either. So, what’s the takeaway from these weird weather patterns? For one, geography doesn’t matter as much as it once did. Changing climate and weather patterns means all regions of the globe are now susceptible to tornadic outbreaks. But there’s another lesson to ponder on for a bit. And that’s the importance of steel tornado protection.

Is There Anywhere That’s Completely Safe From Tornadoes and Severe Storms?

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Once, we harmoniously lived in a well-balanced and predictable world. Humanity’s increasingly intrusive encroach on nature in the form of choking pollution has forever tip the scales in favor of chaos. Hurricanes and sporadic tornadoes are becoming the norm in almost every corner of the globe. Communities that haven’t seen flash flooding in 100 years now contend with it annually. Hurricanes are also striking further up the coast into New England and Canada – complete anomalies if you look at the historic track records. The truth is, nowhere is completely safe from Mother Nature’s tenuous forces of nature. So, what can you do? As always, vigilance is a virtue when protecting your family from severe weather, but there’s only so much that constant monitoring can prevent. When the winds of a storm start pounding your home, it’s time to seek immediate protection. If you don’t have a tornado shelter or bunker, your chances of survival dramatically diminish with every yard the storm comes within your home. Steel-rated tornado protection from U.S. Safe Room is the great equalizer in the battle against cunning Mother Nature.

Tornado Protection from All of Life’s Storms

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But it’s not just tornadoes that you have to worry about in this day and age. Mass shootings and home invasions are also on the rise. We’re all besieged by gruesome images of the nation’s newest tragedy almost daily. Then there’s also the world pandemic that is just now starting to fizzle out. Humanity got lucky. The next viral outbreak could be even deadlier. Image if a pathogen like Ebola mutated into an airborne variety? With such an excruciatingly high mortality rate, the population of the world could be reduced by 10 percent in a matter of just a few months. And of course, there’s the ongoing crisis in Ukraine as that war drags to a grueling stalemate. While Putin’s plans for the ousting of the pro-western government have been derailed, new details have emerged that Putin possibly had invasion plans for other nations in a crude attempt to rebuild the Soviet Union. Needless to say, we could be very well headed to a new Cold War with even more sinister implications of nuclear annihilation or a foreign invasion. Some of those wild conspiracy theories don’t seem so outlandish now, but we still try to err on the side of practicality. While all of these scenarios won’t come true, close calls with just one of these apocalyptic visions is enough to send anyone hiding under the bedsheets. Tornado protection in the form of a safe room or underground bunker gives your family more than just a fighting chance against all these worst-case doomsday storylines. Reinforced with tight steel welds and superior metal paneling, our industry-leading storm shelters and bunkers can withstand 250 mile per hour windspeeds and wind-driven projectiles that could easily penetrate any modern building materials. Our shelters can be retrofitted into almost any existing structure with minimal structural disturbance.