School shootings have become an all too common reality in American classrooms. Schools were once a place of refuge and solace for our children. Today, parents remain on the edge of their seats whenever news breaks of yet another school shooting. “Will my kids’ school be next?” Is often the first thought that streams through their mind. The schoolyard was once where children formed lasting bonds with friendships while navigating the complexities of adolescence. Today, our children must traverse a vastly different and more dangerous world than what we experienced at kids. The latest school shooting in Texas reminded us just how vulnerable our most precious population has become. With the casualties mounting and lawmakers unwilling to make real change, America is at an unprecedented crossroads. Faced with the unsettling reality that this epidemic is unlikely to reverse course in the near future, parents and school systems must take matters into their own hands. Ballistic shelters for classrooms could be our society’s saving grace and last great hope against school shootings.

Reversing a Historic Trend

It all started with Columbine one spring morning in Colorado. The trend of school shootings picked up momentum with the carnage of the Virginia Tech University. Just when America thought it had seen a dip in the surging wave of shootings, Newtown and the imagery of tiny Kindergarten sized coffins once again brought attention to this violent debacle. Still, lawmakers hesitated to do anything and the new norm settled upon America like a thick fog with no clear end in sight. America held its collective breath during the COVID19 pandemic as empty classrooms brought a much needed reprieve from the desolate violence. Of course, death and destruction are never far behind will negligence and politics are allowed to take priority. America’s most recent school shooting is proof that our violence obsessed culture that has reduced once well-adjusted students to outright carnage for their 15 minutes of fame will continue this trend until solid action is taken to reverse this trend. When will it stop? When is enough enough?

Ballistic Shelters for Classrooms Are a Viable Option for Any School

ballistic shelters for classrooms

Any legislation for gun control won’t happen in the near future. It’s the simple, yet brutally honest truth. Lawmakers, who are pressured by lobbyists and self-interest, won’t cast a vote of confidence let alone introduce any meaningful bill to curtail the violence. It’s sad that the nation that spends more in national defense, can’t even manage to do the same for the most vulnerable population. Voting out politicians who are hesitant to introduce gun control, won’t make a difference either. Political machines with deep coffers will just endorse and pander similar candidates whose energies will be just as futile. The agenda will never change because the majority of the population – believe it not – seems to value the right to buy semi automatic weapons with extended clips over the health and well-being of children. As a society, we have to take matters into our own hands. Now is the time to ask your school systems about purchasing ballistic shelters for classrooms. “But what difference can I make?” you might ask. Well, for one, you pay taxes don’t you? How is it that our schools appear to have money to break ground on new sports stadiums, but not protection from school shooters? These are the questions you need to ask whenever the next school board meeting comes around.

When will common sense prevail? Why is it so difficult to protect what matters most to society? When the pandemic struck America, it became very clear that everyone needed to do their part to slow the spread of the virus. Schools and restaurants, as well as most businesses shut down. Financial aid and resources were allocated for those who needed assistance. Why haven’t we encountered a similar mobilization for the school shooting pandemic that has lasted more than 20 years? Ballistic shelters for classrooms can offer superior on-site protection until our nation can come to its senses. Comprised of quarter-inch steel plating, these shelters can be easily installed into almost any classroom, cafeteria, gym or open corridor. They’re also great safe rooms for tornados and other natural disasters.

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