We knew how it would end. Still, we hoped some starry-eyed newcomers would save us from the inevitable showdown of two aging politicians once again taking endless jabs at one another with the same vitriol as before. With the 2024 election still nine months away, the matchup no one wanted is already amping up the hate. President Biden will look to defend the White House against a galvanized Trump platform poised to reclaim the presidency despite a myriad of legal woes threatening to derail his surging momentum. Republican challenger Nikki Haley should offer only token resistance to the party’s frontrunner although a switch to an independent status could sway voters in several key swing states. Strap in. 2024 is going to be a rough political cycle.

The 2024 Election Will Be One for The History Books

With images of rioters storming our nation’s capital still fresh in our minds, millions of Americans are wondering if we could witness more needless carnage come next January. Trump’s promise of a “One Day” dictatorship and comparison of the influx of migrants as “poison” to American blood is alarming scholars. Fraught political scientists say we could be in the waning stages of the American democratic experience if Trump isn’t held accountable for his allegations of treason in urging ardent supporters to retake a “stolen election.” But Biden isn’t necessary securing brownie points among independent voters either. High gas prices, which no president has explicit control of, and rampant inflation led to abysmal approval ratings in 2023. There’s also the argument of age saddling both candidates as increasing media gaffs and omission of universal facts is undermining the confidence of party voters.

‘Too Close to Call’

After his sound defeat in 2020, compounded by damming criminal indictments, no one thought Donald Trump would make it past his party’s primary, let alone seriously challenge the nation’s highest office. But then again, no one in their right mind thought Trump would win the presidency in 2016. There’s also the question of two crucial criminal questions hanging over the legitimacy and integrity of his ability to hold such a high office. Even if convicted of multiple felonies, no law currently exists that would prevent him from being sworn in as president in 2025. Consider the irony for a moment. You can run for president of the United States as a felon, but you can’t vote as one! We’re not advocating for either candidate. At U.S. Safe Room, we choose to remain politically neutral as to never alienate anyone from superior steel protection. Regardless of the outcome, you should take stern steps today to secure your family’s safety for the potential civil volatility in the coming years.

As Americans, we tend to overlook the bigger picture. What happens in the United States sends a ripple effect to Europe, the Middle East, and even as far away as Taiwan. If Trump secures a second term, the United States will likely abandon NATO and continued support for Ukraine, leaving Europe to defend itself against Russian aggression and revanchism. This could almost certainly lead to WWIII should Putin threaten the Baltics or sovereignty of Poland and Germany. And we don’t have to tell you that a nuclear confrontation between European powers poses an existential threat to the entire world. Gas prices will be the least of your concerns once Russian bombs begin to rain from above.

Superior Steel Protection for Any Threat

While Trump has pulled ahead in recent polling, the margin of victory remain razor thin. If 2016 has taught us anything, it’s that you simply can’t trust media polls moments before the casting of ballots, let alone nine months in advance. Regardless of the outcome, the 2024 election is sure to be highly contentious and controversial. How will radical Republicans react should Trump lose again? Will they take to the streets in armed protests? How will deep Red states take the news of another four years of Biden? Texas’s governor is already challenging the federal government’s authority to control the border and some extremists are calling for an outright secession from the Union. It wouldn’t be the first. South Carolina broke ties with the United States following the election of Abraham Lincoln. Could we be headed for a second Civil War?

Now is not the time for heated political debates. The 2024 election will continue to divide the masses. With the current indirect representative nature of our political system, there’s not much the average voter can do to seriously change our electoral paradigm. Despite the prevailing sense of hopelessness enveloping our nation, we can still control the safety of our families and those closest to us. Our panelized line of steel safe room kits can fortify your home against civil unrest and election pandemonium. Convert any home office, closet or spare bedroom into a secret hidden safe room with minimal disturbance to your home’s infrastructure. Our panelized safe room kits offer the same superior protection as our aboveground models at a fraction of the cost. Contact us today for a free quote and consultation.