spring tornado

Spring Tornado Hits western North Carolina

You may be thinking, “What does a factory in North Carolina know about tornadoes?” While conventional wisdom suggests that engineers a thousand miles away from Tornado Alley wouldn’t understand the complexities of Texas-sized twisters, this couldn’t be further from the truth! Last night, a tornado touched down within miles of our Wilkesboro factory, downing tree…

tornado month

Which Month Has the Most Tornadoes?

Tornadoes can strike anywhere without warning. Although most tornadoes occur in the Midwest and Deep South, no area of the nation is without a tornadic precedent. Even Alaska experienced a rare tornado in spring 2005, ending the state’s century-long tornado hiatus. While Mother Nature doesn’t discriminate when it comes to when or where to strike,…

2024 tornado season

2024 Tornado Season

Hold onto your hats: the 2024 tornado season is ramping up. With the shifting weather patterns of El Nino adding warmer air to the already supercharged Gulf of Mexico, weather experts believe the Deep South and Florida could see a record number of tornadoes. The surge in tornadic activity in southern states is nothing new.…


Who Will Win the 2024 Election?

We knew how it would end. Still, we hoped some starry-eyed newcomers would save us from the inevitable showdown of two aging politicians once again taking endless jabs at one another with the same vitriol as before. With the 2024 election still nine months away, the matchup no one wanted is already amping up the…


University Tornado Shelters Can Prevent Unnecessary Loss of Life, Assist in Recovery Efforts

Humans have become adept at picking up the pieces. Even in the face of unspeakable tragedy, we overcome adversity to coalesce from the deepest of wounds. Whether its a byproduct of evolution in overcoming insurmountable odds, or a general propensity to help our befallen brethren, civilization knows how to recover from fraught calamity. Few tragedies…


How Accurate Are Weather Forecasts?

No one takes the heat for mistakes on the job like a weatherman. Trying to pinpoint accurate weather conditions over the next several hours relies on a wealth of empirical information and research. One flawed data point or unforeseen variable can completely alter the forecast. And unlike most professions where you can simply gloss over…


Will Gas Prices Go Down in 2024?

No one likes feeling the squeeze at the pump. We all roll our eyes the moment we pull into the gas station to see another 10-cent hike in fuel prices. “Great, an extra $10 down the drain just to get to work. When will it ever end?” becomes our collective rallying cry. Along with fuel…