Rising Tension & Disaster Preparation: Below-Ground Safe Rooms

Fears of nuclear war, as well as chemical and biological attacks, have once again permeated the American psyche. While we hope these worst-case scenarios will never materialize, a renewed interest in racing the Doomsday Clock has many survivalists scoping out alternatives and off-the-grid living options and below ground bunkers. Shipping containers quickly jump to the top of their list because of their cost-effectiveness as underground survival shelters. While these makeshift bunkers may appear to be the logical stopgap in thwarting domestic and foreign threats, these bargain boxes could in fact expose you to the very dangers you are trying to avoid.

Dangers Of Cost Cutting With A Shipping Container Bunker

By design, shipping containers are intended for the safe transport of millions of tons of goods and materials during long sea voyages. Many containers carry product harmless to human health, but many domestic staples, including shoes and furniture, are coated in layers of noxious chemicals that can leave a lasting residue. Other containers transport toxic materials and chemicals themselves.

Shipping containers do not have ventilation systems either. “Why?” you might ask? Because they are not designed for live transport or occupation, let alone short-term accommodations. In fact, the National Center for Biotechnology Information estimates that between 10 and 20 percent of all containers arriving in European harbors were shown to contain volatile and poisonous chemicals above normal exposure levels. The list of impairments from exposure to these chemicals include long-term cognitive defects, says the NCBI.

These occupational hazards haunt dock workers and ancillary employees daily, so why would you think these subterranean abodes would suffice for your family’s protection? Additionally, many containers produced outside the United States and older containers could be coated with lead-based paints which in itself has its own considerations and risks for usability, as well as conversion and construction process concerns.


Can A Shipping Container Be Buried Below Ground?

Most importantly is the structural integrity of the containers. They are designed for shipping materials, not for burying below ground as a bunker, nor are they water-tight, leaving much to be desired for any long-term safe room considerations. Pressure from dirt and a lack of adequate support or truss systems can cause sunken containers to buckle and crumple like sardine cans from both the side and the top. The containers, leaving much to be desired for waterproofing, will also leak, creating many internal concerns and health risks for storage materials, with mold and mildew.

Water can also lead to corrosion and further lessening of the strength of the unit. Compounded with the effects of poisonous fumes, shipping containers used as underground shelters can be easily transformed into coffins for those you care for the most, and those you’re trying your best to protect. Spending long periods of time in a shipping container can take a tremendous psychological toll on someone, as well. A true bunker is designed with many considerations including ventilation and storage, and fully accessorized bunkers can include water storage, plumbing, wiring, and electrical components to create a safe space that won’t create more stress.

US Safe Room Underground Shelter Advantages

Don’t settle for less when protecting your family. Our bunkers are engineered, designed, and manufactured for underground use and long-term subterranean survivability. The US Safe Room underground shelters are just a phone call away. US Safe Room is an industry leader in the building and construction of premium underground and survival bunkers. These bunkers provide multi-use options for your family. They can be installed as an off-grid stand-alone, fully self-sustaining unit, or can be connected with your living home or living space for easy access to safety.

When integrated with your home, they can become multi-use rooms for storage, technology, valuables, and more. Ever want a wine cellar or man cave? What could be better than having a multi-use below-ground safe room that also provides for your daily living needs? Contact us today to explore your options and plan for superior protection for your loved ones. Assurance of preparations and safety is better than any insurance you can buy. Our versatile bunkers allow you to continue to live below ground as you would above it, along with peace of mind, which you can’t put a price on.

Our advisors and installers will help remove the guesswork of building for you, avoiding the many concerns for health and safety when sinking a bulky and cumbersome shipping container below ground. US Safe Room below-ground bunkers are offered in a variety of sizes ranging from 8′ x 10′ bunkers and 10′ x 20′ bunkers, to 12’ x 50′ bunkers, with the ability to link multiple units together if a project requires. Contact us today to learn more about the many advantages of a multi-use bunker.