Floor Plan Option: 10′ x 20′

The 10’ x 20’ bunker is our smallest underground bunker option. However, don’t let the size fool you; you and your family will still be protected without feeling too cramped. Our underground bunkers are completely customizable to best fit your needs. You never know how long you may need to stay inside your bunker, so it is best to prepare your bunker for long stays. This bunker is designed for the family who needs protection, but does not have the money to purchase an extravagant bunker. You and your family are guaranteed safety when hiding underground, encased in steel. Some of the features you can choose to include in your 10’ x 20’ bunker include:


• Full sized living room
The living room has enough space for a couch, television, kitchen table for meals, and also kitchen appliances. This room can also function as a sleeping area.
• Bathroom
Like we mentioned, you never know how long you may be trapped in your bunker. Therefore, a fully functioning bathroom is a necessity. The bathroom includes a toilet, sink, counter, and ample storage for your belongings.

This bunker is the perfect solution for couples or maybe even small families. When purchasing this size bunker remember that you will be in close quarters with whoever is inside, so you may not want to cram more than 2-3 people inside at one time. Remember that all of our bunkers are customizable, and you can choose to purchase the shell and furnish the interior later on.

A powerful underground bunker is an investment that could save your life.

We pride ourselves on providing the best products and customer services in the industry. An underground bunker from US Safe Room is the best way to give your family the peace of mind that no matter what happens, you have a place to go for comfortable survival. Our incredible team will make the process easy and streamlined for your convenience. Give us a call at (828) 355-7155, request a quote, and like us on Facebook!