Looking for sure-fire gun protection that won’t break the bank? Any U.S. Safe Room panelized kit or above-ground shelter can be easily transformed into a walk-in modular gun safe for firearm and ammo storage. With civil unrest brewing in every corner of America, now is the time to consider discreet steel protection for your firearms. Comprised of quarter-inch modular steel paneling, these knock-down units can transform any closet, room or office into a personal citadel for ultimate firearm protection. Innovative racking and pistol shelving optimize storage capabilities. Each panelized gun kit can be outfitted with ventilation and climate control technology to protect temperature sensitive inventory and prevent premature barrel rusting and stock deterioration. Unlike traditional wooden cabinets or smaller steel vaults, a walk-in gun safe offers ample room for inventory assessment and storm protection, as well.

Outsmart Crooks and Mother Nature With Storm and Bullet-Resistant Protection

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Domestic threats are on the rise. Did you know that it takes a burglar less than a minute to break into a residence? According to the U.S. Department of Justice, a property crime happens every four seconds and an accompany violent crime occurs every 20 seconds! Even more troubling, a robbery occurs every 90 seconds and attempted rape happens every five minutes. 38 percent of these assaults and 60 percent of all rapes happen during these home invasions! And what do you think thieves will search for first? That’s right. Your firearms. Rifles and pistols carry tremendous street value. Serial numbers can be easily filed off as cherished family heirlooms are easily transformed into a Black Market currency. But it’s not just your prized firearms that you have to worry about. Doesn’t your family deserve both peace of mind and superior protection? Modular gun safes can restore your sense of calm and control in a chaotic world by providing a discreet, centralized location for gun and ammo storage.

Tornadoes and severe weather are also on the rise. Meteorologists are now predicting that “Tornado Alley” has begun shifting to the southeast. Tornados are also growing in strength and frequency. In addition to protecting firearms and weaponry, our panelized safe rooms and aboveground units are ideal for life protection and personal storage. Unique shelving and compartmentalization allows for the separate storage of firearms also protecting your loved ones from severe weather and home invasions.

Modular Gun Safes Provide Steady Protection in an Unstable World

Attitudes toward firearms are rapidly changing and evolving within the national narrative. Firearm sales have soared in recent months. More than 2 million guns were sold in January alone. That’s nearly an 80 percent jump in total sales volume! While much of this increase can be attributed to growing civil unrest following this year’s contentious election, many Americans have rediscovered the intrinsic value of weaponry. Rifles and pistols maintain a high resell value. And with demand for firearms skyrocketing, you will want to protect your existing stockpile in the event that you want to cash-in on your investment. Demand for relic or legacy firearms, such as WWII collectible firearms, is also on the upswing. Antique firearms require a higher level or protection that can’t be achieved by buying a cheaper, but inferior gun cabinet from one of the neighborhood’s ‘big box’ chain stores.

Multipoint secure locking doors offer superior and capable protection

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You could even use a bookshelf to conceal your safe room’s entrance!

Each modular gun safe is also customizable. The exact size of your unit falls under your discretion and the placement of doors, shelving and other creature comforts are completely up to you! At U.S. Safe Room, we understand that you value privacy as almost as much as you do security. For this reason, we can virtually hide your safe room within your home by using creative hidden entrances, like bookshelves and secret doors. In the event of a home invasion, you will be secretly stowed away as befuddled thieves quickly exit the premises once they realize the easy score they once envisioned has now turned into a run-in with a mini steel fortress! A panelized safe room is also the perfect place to store sensitive documents, checking account information, deeds, contracts and jewelry!