Every one of our products has been engineered to the highest safety standards available and built to all applicable FEMA reccomendations. When it comes to quality and state of the art design, U.S. Safe Rooms delivers. For more information on our certifications and standards, take a look at the information below.

The Texas Tech Wind Institute is the bleeding edge of safe room research. The discoveries and resulting improvements made to safe room engineering have catapulted the field from a wish and a prayer to the viable method of emergency safety procedures. All of our products have been tested “in strict accordance to FEMA 320 (2014), FEMA 361 (2015), and ICC-500 (2014) guidelines. This involved launching debris that equate to 250 mph at our safe rooms, which is Test Protocol 4. Our products received only dents and scratches.

If you have any questions regarding our standards and certifications feel free to contact us here, or give our advisors a call (888) 588-6751.