Don’t rely on inferior protection.

We’ve subjected all safe rooms and above-ground shelters to a battery of tests to ensure superior onsite protection. Outfitted with 1/4″ steel plates, our safe rooms and tornado survival shelters are up to the task to protecting personnel and equipment under extreme duress and pressure. Our shelters can withstand debris impact from ground level wind speeds of up to F5 Tornado strength—250-miles-per-hour winds—and damaging debris.

Rigorously Tested Above-ground Shelters and Safe Rooms to Weather Any Storm

We know you don’t want to hear another drab sales pitch, so we will let the results of third-party product testing do the talking. Our storm shelters were tested and certified by Texas Tech National Wind Institute in strict accordance to FEMA 320 (2014), FEMA 361 (2015), and ICC-500 (2014) standards for wind rated impact of 250 mph ground speed tornado events. As evident from the above demonstration, our safe rooms withstood devastating blows from projectiles to simulate dangerous life-threatening scenarios.

What is the National Wind Institute at Texas Tech University?

The NWI at Texas Tech is a third-party independent compliance advisory board that works to promote public safety and welfare and helps prevent deaths and lower property losses incurred due to extreme weather events and their effects. The institute works tirelessly to test commercial safe room components to determine if the shelters are up to the task of protecting personnel during life-threatening tornadoes. Benchmark testing includes a pneumatic cannon that fires high-velocity projectiles at shelters and their doors to simulate dangerous storm conditions. As you can tell, our shelters and safe rooms can take the worst that Mother Nature can throw our way.