Floor Plan Options: 20′ x 20′

The 20’ x 20’ bunker is unlike any other of our underground bunkers due to its double wide design. We designed this layout to have an open floor plan for better space utilization and unlimited customization possibilities. This safe room is large enough to sleep 10-12 people. However, we suggest this size safe room for larger families (6-9), that do not want to feel close to each other at all times. When entering this underground bunker you find yourself in the living room and kitchen. To the left of the bunker you find the bathroom and two bedrooms. This bunker has more of a home feeling than any of our other bunkers. Here is how we suggest customizing your 20’ x 20’ bunker.


• Living Room
Since the living room and kitchen is not separated by a wall, you can choose to place as much furniture as you please in this room. To best utilize this space we suggest a couch, recliner, and placing the television against the bedroom wall. Even with this amount of furniture there is still enough room for a small coffee table.
• Kitchen
The kitchen and the living are one room. To get the most out of your kitchen we suggest an L-shaped counter top. The kitchen comes equipped with sink and stove top. You can also choose to include cabinets to store your foods.
• Bathroom
The bathroom consists of a simple layout. The bathroom includes a toilet, sink, and shower; you can also choose to equip a water heater to ensure hot water.
• Bedroom
This bunker consists of two bedrooms. The first bedroom is large enough for a small bed or bunk bed. The room includes a closet and is separated from all other rooms in the bunker. The master bedroom is directly beside this bedroom and is large enough for a queen bed. Like the other bedroom, the master is separated from all other rooms for privacy, and includes a closet.

For larger families, who need more space, the 20’ x 20’ bunker is the best option. This open floor plan layout is perfect for designing the inside of your bunker however you want. This bunker will feel more like a house than an underground bunker.

A powerful underground bunker is an investment that could save your life.

We pride ourselves on providing the best products and customer services in the industry. An underground bunker from US Safe Room is the best way to give your family the peace of mind that no matter what happens, you have a place to go for comfortable survival. Our incredible team will make the process easy and streamlined for your convenience. Give us a call at (828) 355-7155, request a quote, and like us on Facebook!