Floor Plan Options: 20′ x 50′

This 1200 square foot bunker feels far from being an underground bunker. This bunker includes almost everything you would expect to find in an everyday home. Depending on how you want to design the interior of your bunker, this bunker can sleep up to 14-16 persons. The rooms in this bunker are much larger than rooms in the smaller bunkers and allow for furniture, other than just a bed, inside each bedroom. This three bedroom, open living room and kitchen combo will be more than enough space for a group of 10-14 persons. Here is how we suggest designing the interior of your 20’ x 50’ underground bunker.


• Living Room
Like the 20’ x 20’ bunker the living room and kitchen in this bunker are not separated. If you want more room in your living room than kitchen, there is enough room for two couches, a few side tables, coffee table, and entertainment center. This is only a suggestion for your bunker’s living room, but if this is where you spend most of your time this is a good layout to go by.
• Kitchen
The kitchen includes a double counter with a double sink. The kitchen also includes a stove top, refrigerator, and enough room for a family dining table. Directly beside the kitchen is a walk in pantry. The pantry makes storing food incredibly easy and out of the way.
• Bathroom
The bathroom includes all of the necessities. There is a sink, composite toilet, and shower. We also include a water heater to ensure hot showers and running water.
• Bedroom 1
The first bedroom is located across the hall from the bathroom and pantry. If you have kids we suggest using this bedroom for them. To maximize space in this room two sets of bunk beds are recommended. This room also includes a walk-in closet for all of the kid’s clothes.
• Bedroom 2
This bedroom is larger than the first but not as large as the master bedroom. There is enough room in this room for a queen or king sized bed, a small chair, and a dresser. There are also two walk-in closets in this bedroom.
• Master Bedroom
The master bedroom is larger than any bedroom you’d expect to find inside an underground bunker. This room is large enough to include a queen or king sized bed, two bed side tables, chair, couch, and entertainment center. There is also a walk-in closet.

You can customize your 20’ x 50’ bunker however you want. Listed above are only our suggestions on how to design the interior of your bunker. The possibilities are endless with this size bunker.

A powerful underground bunker is an investment that could save your life.

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