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Floor Plan Options: 10′ x 50′

The 10’ x 50’ bunker is large enough to sleep 8 to 10 people comfortably. The customization possibilities for this size bunker are endless. This bunker allows more space, storage, and shelving than any of our smaller bunkers. For larger families that need more room to move and play this bunker is your best option. Here are some of the features we suggest you include in your 10’ x 50’ bunker:


• Living Room
The living room includes two bunk beds to maximize space utilization. There is also extra storage for clothes, toys, books, etc. We suggest you place a sleeper sofa in your living room for even more sleeping options. With all of this there is still room for a television and room to move around.
• Kitchen
For the kitchen in this bunker we have upgraded the countertop to a corner countertop. The kitchen has extra storage for cooking utensils and tools. There is also enough room for the whole family to eat together.
• Bathroom
The bathroom includes all the necessities such as toilet, sink, and countertop. There is also a shower accessible to the whole family. We suggest you place shelving in your bathroom for even more storage options.
• Master Bedroom
The master bedroom sets this bunker apart from all the others. This room is perfect for the parents who need their own space. Even with all the other amenities in this bunker, the master bedroom is still large enough for a king bed, television, dresser, and extra storage. If you desire we can also include a corner bathtub.

The 10’ x 50’ option is the best option for large families. For larger families who desire more privacy and space capabilities, a floor plan this size or larger is recommended. We can design your underground bunker to best fit your needs.

A US Safe Room underground bunker is versatile, durable, and powerful.

10' x 50' Underground Bunker Floor Plan by US Safe Room

We live in a dangerous world, and anything can happen. If society crumbles due to an unforeseen tragedy, will your family survive? Will you provide them with a standard of living that will foster their humanity? We can provide you with not only a safe place to live, but also the ability to retain the quality of life you had been leading if tragedy were to strike. From just the necessities to the divinely luxurious, we can customize an underground bunker for your needs, and our friendly team will make it easy. Give us a call at (828) 355-7155, request a quote, and like us on Facebook!

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